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I began my writing journey in the second grade when I preferred to write stories and practice cursive over learning mathematics.

In high school I was awarded for my skills in writing and my thirst for learning more by being nominated by my Language Arts teacher and honored by my school. It was throughout this time that I continued honing my writing skills and decided to major in writing during college.

In my third year of college I self published my first chapbook by the name of “Hidden Voices” on Amazon and had my poem “Poison Bottles” published both in the University of North Georgia’s magazine, The Chestatee Review, as well as in the MyForsyth Magazine in Cumming, Ga.

I worked as a tutor in the Writing Center of my college for four consecutive semesters and as a Writing Fellow, a type of writing tutor, for two consecutive semesters and I graduated on May 4, 2019 with a B.A. in English Writing and Publication with a minor in Graphic Design.

This degree combination has given me the ability to find work as a writer, editor, tutor, and graphic designer.

Since graduating I have participated in the Jasper Holiday Market as a vendor selling my poetry books and writing on-the-spot custom poems for patrons, I have been hired to complete the first round of edits in the book “180 Days” by Patrick D. Gibbs (link), as of February 2020 I have begun to illustrate my children’s book series and will be self-publishing on Amazon as soon as each new book is illustrated, and I have been working as a writing/English tutor for Pre-k through 12 grade levels.



As a writer I love nothing more than to explore the possible. As a novelist, I like to stick to themes of science fiction involving space and other worlds. As a children’s book writer, I love to express the multitude of things there are to learn and explore in every day life. As a poet, my themes vary but they all play on time and the shifting of intention.


With my beginning in college level tutoring, the students I tutor will learn everything there is to know about brainstorming, research, outlining, format, and revising an essay as well as how to use rhetorical theories, including Kairos, to help make their piece the strongest it can be. My goal as a tutor is to meet the student where they’re at, learn how they learn best, and take off running into the proverbial sunset.


As an editor my main goal is to keep the writer’s voice intact while making the document streamlined, coherent, and grammatically correct – either prescriptively or descriptively, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing more important than the world getting to meet the writer’s true voice – and making sure not to stand in your audience’s way. As an editor, I accomplish a marriage of both.


Poetry gets it’s own section because that is the kind of creative writing I am most versed in. I have been published in two magazines: The Chestatee Review and MyForsyth, and have self published three of my own books on Amazon. You may find them here, here, and here.

Let’s make something together.

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