Overthinking – The Achilles’ Heel of the Modern Student

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! I hope this post finds you well. Today I wanted to touch on the subject of overthinking and how it affects students. Overwhelmed, Not Lazy In this modern age of videogames, internet, and smart phones, it is often said that “kids today have it so much easier,” and in aContinue reading “Overthinking – The Achilles’ Heel of the Modern Student”

How I Am (Actually) Succeeding As An Author

Hello and welcome everyone, As the title states, I am an author. I am also a writing tutor, poet, writer, editor, and proofreader. My ultimate goal from long before college was to get to the point in my writing that I could support myself with it and be free to do whatever I like! SoContinue reading “How I Am (Actually) Succeeding As An Author”

Don’t Fall Behind! Writing Tutor Services

With COVID-19 having an impact on schools, it can be easy for your student to fall behind. Don’t let it happen! Hire me to help your student brush up on their writing and prepare for the school year ahead! I majored in English Writing and Publication and have two and a half years experience totalContinue reading “Don’t Fall Behind! Writing Tutor Services”

The Castle’s Library

[This is a writing I did in response to an ambiance video on YouTube that I was enjoying. You can find the video here.] The Castle’s Library It’s a dark, rainy night and I find myself in the castles’ library. The fireplace is adding an inspiring glow to the books on the shelf and theContinue reading “The Castle’s Library”

#writingaboutmydrink Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast tea – milk and sugar – rose teacup This world is deep and yet flows without boundary. A twinge of sugar and rich softness decorate the bold result of a previously rigid and beautiful specimen ground up and covered in a hot bath. The vessel that the liquid sits in gives an overallContinue reading “#writingaboutmydrink Irish Breakfast Tea”

The #writingaboutmydrink challenge!

Hello and welcome to my blog weary travelers! Today I issue you a writing challenge: write a short/micro story about a drink you are currently drinking. If you do not currently have a drink in front of you, waiting until you do to try this writing challenge is perfectly fine, of course. I wrote myContinue reading “The #writingaboutmydrink challenge!”

Quarantine Is A Word…

quarantine is a word that humans just don’t seem to understand it means staying put in one place with no more movement over the land   it does not mean drive to the park or to a friend’s house to play a game it does not mean if you don’t go to the store you’llContinue reading “Quarantine Is A Word…”

The Humans Have Disappeared (A COVID-19 Poem)

The humans have all disappeared and life is not the same the birds are more plentiful in the sky and there’s a sudden lack of acid rain animals both big and small are exploring outside their dwindling habitats the canals have cleared and the air is near as fresh as it’s been since we’ve attachedContinue reading “The Humans Have Disappeared (A COVID-19 Poem)”