Overthinking – The Achilles’ Heel of the Modern Student

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! I hope this post finds you well. Today I wanted to touch on the subject of overthinking and how it affects students. Overwhelmed, Not Lazy In this modern age of videogames, internet, and smart phones, it is often said that “kids today have it so much easier,” and in aContinue reading “Overthinking – The Achilles’ Heel of the Modern Student”

How I Am (Actually) Succeeding As An Author

Hello and welcome everyone, As the title states, I am an author. I am also a writing tutor, poet, writer, editor, and proofreader. My ultimate goal from long before college was to get to the point in my writing that I could support myself with it and be free to do whatever I like! SoContinue reading “How I Am (Actually) Succeeding As An Author”

Don’t Fall Behind! Writing Tutor Services

With COVID-19 having an impact on schools, it can be easy for your student to fall behind. Don’t let it happen! Hire me to help your student brush up on their writing and prepare for the school year ahead! I majored in English Writing and Publication and have two and a half years experience totalContinue reading “Don’t Fall Behind! Writing Tutor Services”