The Castle’s Library

[This is a writing I did in response to an ambiance video on YouTube that I was enjoying. You can find the video here.] The Castle’s Library It’s a dark, rainy night and I find myself in the castles’ library. The fireplace is adding an inspiring glow to the books on the shelf and theContinue reading “The Castle’s Library”

#writingaboutmydrink Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast tea – milk and sugar – rose teacup This world is deep and yet flows without boundary. A twinge of sugar and rich softness decorate the bold result of a previously rigid and beautiful specimen ground up and covered in a hot bath. The vessel that the liquid sits in gives an overallContinue reading “#writingaboutmydrink Irish Breakfast Tea”

The #writingaboutmydrink challenge!

Hello and welcome to my blog weary travelers! Today I issue you a writing challenge: write a short/micro story about a drink you are currently drinking. If you do not currently have a drink in front of you, waiting until you do to try this writing challenge is perfectly fine, of course. I wrote myContinue reading “The #writingaboutmydrink challenge!”

Essay Writing Made Easy (1-4)

For those of you who have enjoyed my previous series of “Essay Writing Made Easy” and for those of you who have not read them before, I decided to place installations 1-4 into one easy to read post. Enjoy and I hope you find this information helpful for the upcoming school semester! So, you needContinue reading “Essay Writing Made Easy (1-4)”

E. Lexi Abbott Patreon Launched!

Hello everyone, I have an announcement. I have launched a Patreon I have launched a Patreon to help me start making the money I need to survive and continue to write. You can find my Patreon (and hopefully become a patron 😀 ) here: E. Lexi Abbott What does this mean for my blog? IContinue reading “E. Lexi Abbott Patreon Launched!”

New Adventures! Travelling Poet – Will Write for Money!

Hello everyone, I am very excited today because I have just ordered a portable printer. “Why have you done this?” you may be wondering. I have ordered a portable printer because I am going to start doing what I do best and sell poems on the spot. I am picturing being a street performer, likeContinue reading “New Adventures! Travelling Poet – Will Write for Money!”

The Morning of a Writer

The mind of a writer is a weird and wacky place. It is filled with aliens, monsters, fantastical creatures, and everyday people. Scenarios both realistic and non play over and over, sometimes evolving over time. All of this can lead to someone who is described as having their head “in the clouds”. Someone who needsContinue reading “The Morning of a Writer”