5 Reasons Why You Might Consider Hiring A Tutor

When should I think about hiring a tutor for my student?

Throughout school, students struggle with several areas. Sometimes their struggle points remain consistent throughout their school years, sometimes it changes every year or two. As a parent, you’re naturally going to be concerned for your child and their learning, but when is the right time to find some extra help via a private tutor? There are several reasons! Let’s take a look at five of them below:

1) Their grades are dropping in a certain subject area.

Sad student showing a failed exam to camera at home

The most common and surefire way to confirm that your student is struggling in a particular academic subject is by their grades in school. That’s the whole point of the grading system, is to point out where your student is struggling SO THAT they can go get extra help and know to focus more on those struggle areas.

The specifics of this reason is looking for a trend. One bad test does not mean your student doesn’t understand the subject as a whole and is struggling, but trending downward grades would be something to raise an eyebrow at.

2) They have expressed worry about their knowledge in a particular subject.

A student talking to her mother.

Even without grades as a reflection, if your student is constantly worrying about their knowledge level in a certain class then it might be time to look at a tutor!

Confidence is key and other than learning basic knowledge that it takes to become a functioning member of society, our school years are there to help us learn HOW to learn so that we can continue learning and growing the rest of our lives.

If your student is expressing concern about their knowledge in a subject area, getting them extra support would not only prevent their grades from falling but would also help bolster their confidence and, therefore, prepare them even more for the world after school!

3) What should take them one hour takes three.

A frustrated student with his head in his hands while trying to complete homework.

When it comes to homework, students will work at their own pace. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than the teacher intended, but when it takes HOURS longer, that’s a sure sign that your student is struggling in a particular area.

Whether that area is ability to focus, ability to work on their own, or the subject itself…if your student is spending their evenings at the kitchen table with their head in their hands, it’s time for some extra support!

4) They are ahead of the curve.

A student confidently completing a math problem on the whiteboard.

Sometimes, school just isn’t teaching students fast enough! While some students take longer to process and learn, others zoom ahead! The downfall of this is a feeling of apathy or anxiety when they have nothing to do or are underchallenged.

While it’s wonderful to be labeled a “gifted” child, time and time again this label, and the fast paced learning that causes it, teaches your children that they should already know everything and leads to issues later in adult life.

Overall, it’s better to continue to challenge them! Hiring a tutor to teach them things beyond their grade level will not only help them stay focused and engaged in their learning, but will allow them a better chance at tougher subjects in the future and will NOT allow them to get comfortable knowing “everything”!

5) Their aspirations exceed what is currently on the table.

Little boy thinking an aspiration and looking up

Some students grow up to work on construction, others grow up to be financial advisors, and others grow up to be astronauts! If their current level of schooling isn’t putting them on track for where they dream to be one day, getting a tutor to help give them extra knowledge and credentials might be a good way to go!

There is no such thing as unskilled labor. Every job requires skills and experience. Some of these skills and experience are expected to be attained BEFORE they go into an entry level position at their dream job…especially in today’s world. Getting extra help to push them further and allow them to gain those credentials won’t only help them in the short run with their grades at school but will be giving them skills they will rely on YEARS in the future!


Teacher with students smiling.

There are several reasons why you might consider hiring a tutor to get extra support outside of the classroom. Schooling is meant to provide the very basics of education and classrooms are getting more crowded and teachers are more overwhelmed every year! No matter your reason for wanting to hire a tutor, we are here to help!!

E.L.A. Tutoring flyer.

If you find that your student is struggling in writing, specifically, please feel free to reach out to me at E.L.A. Tutoring! I have a knack for meeting your student where they currently are and helping them to grow to be the best writer they can be! VISIT THE E.L.A. TUTORING PAGE to find out more or MESSAGE ME TODAY!

Have a fantastic day and stay learning!


Tie The Knot at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

Last week Sunday (15 May 2022) I had the outstanding privilege to be invited to Ivy and Oak’s first ever open house! I got to enjoy a spot on their beautiful patio behind the wedding barn and introduce future brides, grooms, and their families to my vow writing services and poems!

As with the other open houses I have had the joy of attending, I will be talking about the venue, the event itself, and end with a list of the other vendors who attended!

The Venue

Found in the hills of Jasper (GA), this lovely little wedding venue is directly off Antioch Church Rd and nestled between HWY 515 and Route 136! The venue itself is very compact but very beautiful! The barn and bride’s house is immediately within view and once your foot hits their grass, you’re in paradise!

Wedding Barn

The wedding barn is an intimate and spectacular area with a patio directly off the back and a separate room for a bar/drink area. The barn is painted white and has very high ceilings and a beautiful interior. The light coming into the barn from the large windows and open doors make for magical photography moments.

There is a seating area directly outside the barn for couples to get married outside with the barn as a shady and timeless backdrop for the photo memories of your first kiss as a married couple!

Bridal House

Another amazing feature of this lovely little venue was the bridal house! Inside were areas specifically designated for the bride and her wedding party to get ready before the wedding. The atmosphere was so calm and lovely and would be sure to steady a nervous bride’s nerves before the biggest moment of her life!

The Open House

The open house itself was an absolutely wonderful time. The vendors who attended were so friendly and excited about their respective businesses and uplifted one another throughout the whole event!

I had such a wonderful time interacting with the other vendors and sharing what we do and why we love it so much. Not to mention, the event runners are absolutely fantastic people and made sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone had a good time!

The event attendees were also super sweet, and I could tell they were having a great time hanging out. The venue feels so CALM, I cannot express how relaxed this place makes you feel. It is perfect!

E. Lexi Abbott – Vendor Set Up

My area consisted of a table on the patio. I was given 4 chairs and was instructed to set up my booth facing outwards so that event attendees could walk around the circle and meet all the vendors one by one!


As far as weddings are concerned, I offer vow writing services as well as custom poems to capture your big day! If you’re interested, please message me and I will be happy to work with you!

Wedding Service Professionals

At this event there were professionals to fill every single need you might have for your perfect wedding day! Bakers, flowers, saving those flowers, finding the dress, vows (E. Lexi Abbott!), hair, candles, and even fireworks and signage! So many professionals brought their personal flare to this event! Find out more about them and what they do below!


Southern Sage Jewelry

This lovely lady takes the flowers from your special day and saves them forever! Her products include shadowboxes and resin coasters, earrings, candleholders, and SO MUCH more! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram

Brenda’s House of Flowers

A florist with an eye for detail and a mind for style, this lovely lady will be sure that you have the perfect flowers for your wedding day! Check them out at their website!


Dainty Dozens

Dainty Dozens cakes, cupcakes, and sweets booth at the open house!

Dalaziah AKA Dee is an absolutely fantastic and bubbly personality! Her mini cupcakes will have you coming back for more and her wedding cakes are out of this world! This woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to taste! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram and find her website here!

Sisterly Sweets

Sisterly Sweets is a family business run by 3 sisters! Tabetha is the baker behind the delicacies, and she has an eye for creativity and flavors! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Larev Baking Co.

Larev Baking Co. is a home-based custom cake company located in Canton, Georgia. They specialize in wedding and special occasion cakes! They are a super sweet family, and their baking is divine! Check them out at their website!

AV Gourmet Fine Catering

Alexis Valentine is the chef of AV Gourmet Fine Catering and he is a fantastic cook! One look at their page will have you drooling! This catering company knows how to make your event taste as good as it looks! Check out the official website here!


Anna Christine Bridal

Every bride has to say Yes to the dress before her big day, but many find that process daunting and more than a little emotional! Ease the emotional burden by checking out Anna Christine Bridal! She is a lovely and supportive woman who has beautiful dresses in inclusive sizes! Unlock your inner goddess and say YES to Anna Christine Bridal! Find her on Facebook and Instagram!


Lei B. Photography and Boudoir

The booth set up for Lei B. Photography along with Lei B. herself!

This lovely woman not only takes beautiful photos for your big day or special occasion, she makes you feel good while doing it!! A wonderful photographer with a passion for boudior, a session with her will boost your confidence and leave you with lovely pictures to enjoy for years to come! Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website!

Kanella Photography

The booth set up for Kanella Photography along with Kanella herself!

This soon to be mother knows the importance of capturing special moments! Her photos capture the brightness that life has to offer and her easygoing personality will calm your nerves when prepping for your big day! Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and at her official website!


The Plaid Picnic Company

The vendor booth set up for The Plaid Picnic Company

Sometimes the best memories are made with the simplest of ideas! Plan a picnic event for your bridal shower, wedding photoshoot, or other special occasion! Ella, the sweet woman who runs this company, is a creative and lighthearted soul who loves helping her client’s make memories that will last forever! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

Chandler Candles LLC

Chandler Candles LLC at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

Candles light up the room, the world, and your life if you pick the right ones! Chandler Candles LLC look to make your fairy tale dreams a reality with their stylish and wonderful smelling candles! You can even customize your candle holders and cases to fit your business or event! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Bride Lights

The booth set up for Bride Lights at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

What’s life without fireworks? Bride Lights offers fireworks and signage services! Light up your event and end it with a BOOM! You can find out more information by checking them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Hair By Anna Claire

The vendor booth set up of Hair By Anna Claire

This lovely lady helps tame your hair, and therefore your stress as well, on your big day! Book her for beautiful bridal and brides maids looks as well as for other special occasions! Find her on Facebook and Instagram!

Academic Success Through Online Tutoring

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Are you or your student struggling with writing? Need a homeschool writing teacher? Need to guarantee an A on your upcoming essay?

E.L.A. Tutoring is the tutoring service for you!


“I Miss You”

Image source: https://readbeach.com/quote/i-no-longer-have-the-energy-for-meaningless-friendships-forced-interac

they say, “I Miss You”

but what they mean is, “I just remembered you exist.”

“Look at what I have accomplished.”

“Let me send you a list.”

they say, “I Miss You”

but what they mean is

I miss when you were here

supportive and yielding

I didn’t have to care

they say, “I Miss You”

but throughout the length of time

you’ve found more and more peace

once you left them behind.

they say, “I Miss You”

but in reality, you miss yourself.

their message brings back memories

that you would happily do without

why is it that when we make some progress,

our old “friends” come out to play?

it’s like they feel that we are evolving

in our own special kind of way

why is it that when we realize we’re better off

having passed that point in our lives

they come back with a vengeance

and self-righteous fury in their eyes?

“I Miss You” they say

expecting a chorus of, “I Miss You!” back

“Tell me you need me” they hope

“tell me you want me back”

they have no intention of staying

or helping to build what they tore down

they want to hear, “I Miss You Too!” then watch as

the flood of “What have you been up to?” messages come around

Stay missed.

Universal Shift

Image source: https://livealifeyoulove.com/signs/

the universe is shifting

to come into the now

the undercurrent of magic and phantoms

are flooding into the crowd

of humans still deeply sleeping

alive but not quite awake

together they are drowning

learning the universal errors of their ways

the witches that you burned

were in fact not witches at all

just mothers and daughters and little girls

who you forced to take the fall

society has never liked to be responsible for their emotions

for the way they treat the unknown

so they place the blame on minorities

and then say they complain and groan

but now there is nowhere left to hide

we refuse to become scapegoats to rot alone

forcing people to fix themselves and take accountability

is helping to fix the broken home

the universe is shifting

the magic is in the air

the fire dances with intent

and the bluebird sings without care

the stone’s vibrations are increasing

the old gods are coming out to play

the trees are whispering and swaying

knowing that soon will come the day

when we wake up to our internal power

and the true energy of our souls

when we start to work together

and build a tower so strong and bold

for now we know all the languages

we have translated them time and time again

so let’s build the tower towards the heavens

and learn to free ourselves from within

the universe is shifting

are you ready?

Aspiring [INSERT HERE]

A few days ago I met a very lovely family at the 3 Oaks Farm Mother’s Day Festival.

I talked with their children about writing and gave them a pep talk of confidence and their son was VERY engaged for quite a while.

But something was said, in complete earnest and good intention, that is still scratching at the back of my brain.

“Look, kids! She’s an aspiring writer!”

All of a sudden the world kind of shrank and I felt a little put off, and still do. I kept thinking:

“What about the table of my work that you see in front of you makes you call me an “aspiring” writer? What about the children’s book series of four books and coloring pages and business cards, of four poetry chapbooks, of folders with services I offer, of the stand with the wedding services I offer, of the banner behind my head stating I am a writer, tutor, artist, tells you I am ASPIRING to do anything? I AM a writer!”

Of course, I smiled and kept talking with the kids and didn’t say any of this. She meant well. She was trying to be uplifting and encouraging. She was trying to show her kids you can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it…and in that instance she is right!!

But I am not ASPIRING to be anything. I AM. And if you find yourself in this position, you are too!

Something about society tells us that someone who is part of the arts, the foundation and very threads of our society, we are somehow less than. We are somehow reaching for a goal that we never can grasp. Unless we get our work into stores, museums, or on the “big screen”, somehow we are not “there”…wherever THERE is.

I am a professional. This is my career. I am a writer. I am a tutor. I am a graphic designer. I am a poet. I am an author. I am an editor. I am all of these things and I am professional at all of these things. I am not aspiring. I am a writer.

Let’s stop this narrative that someone needs to be a big name to be successful or to be professional. If you create art and give them as gifts, you are NO LESS of an artist. If you write books and self-publish them but they never get on the shelves of big bookstores, you are NO LESS of a writer. If you tutor but do not have a teaching certificate, you are NO LESS of a teacher.

Stop putting capitalism at the forefront of how we judge people. Stop trying to shove everything you see into a clean box of “professionalism” and if it doesn’t fit, then someone is not.

Are they doing the thing? Then they are. I am not aspiring. I AM.

Keep creating my friends ❤

Homeschool With E. Lexi Abbott!

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope today has found you well and that the warm weather has you excited for the Summer to come!

I wanted to make it known that I do offer tutoring and I am going to be offering a homeschool curriculum designed to help your student prepare for college level reading and writing!

This course will go over each step in the essay writing process and will allow your student to learn at their own personal pace. With back-up help from E. Lexi Abbott herself (me), your student will be on the road to being the best writer they can be in no time!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Below, you can see a few examples of reviews from students and their parents that I’ve received over the years:

I am so excited for homeschooled students to unlock the skills that writing gives them and to see the true benefit of working with me! CONTACT ME TODAY for more information!

Until next time, stay learning and have a fantastic day!


E. Lexi Abbott

Windless Inhale

[Woke up with some Button Poetry the other day from my favorite writers and was inspired to write this]

Image source: Pinterest

You know that feeling when the soul leaves your body through your mouth

and your inner organs shift with the sudden room and remain there…


suspended in time in the moment when everything became a shell around you.

That feeling when the world inside you shuts down while the one surrounding you keeps moving on at it’s languid pace.

The feeling of one million doors closing on your tiny fingers

and as the child you’ve suddenly become opens their mouth to scream

nothing comes out but dust

like the man in The Green Mile letting a swarm of condensed evil bees leave his throat

all the poison he sucked from others being ejected back out into the world in

a recognizable form that will spell CAUTION for others who may cross its path

but you

are left standing there trying to teach your lungs how to breathe again before you suffocate

from the weight

that that moment left you with

you are now an animated corpse

light without the burden of life

and weighed down by the realization that NOTHING will EVER be the same again.

You know that feeling? That feeling has become breathing to me

and without the breath being knocked out of me

I don’t think I would still have the strength to inhale new air in order to try again.

Origins of Mother’s Day!

Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day! I hope today has found your hearts full and enjoying time with people you love!

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the weekend with my own mother! We were both vending at the Mother’s Day Festival at 3 Oaks Farm! She makes custom memory quilts with client’s old t-shirts and was SO excited to talk to other vendors and event attendees! It was an absolute blast and I always enjoy spending time with her!

Today, I woke up with the question on my mind of where this holiday came from, as I wonder most holidays. So, as usual, sit back and enjoy reading about where this holiday came from!

Before we get into where the modern form of this holiday comes from, let’s talk about the influences that went into deciding how and when this holiday would take place.

Cybele, Rhea, Durga and more!

While much has been lost throughout time about civilizations such as their technological advancements and records to help with the finite details, one thing has been vastly clear as we have made more discoveries about ancient civilizations – spiritual life was, and has remained, a huge part of the human experience!

In the context of the history of Mother’s Day and similar ideas throughout human civilization, there is vast evidence of many festivals that have been held to honor goddesses thought to be mothers or mother figures.

To name a few examples of these festivals, there was The Megalesia to honor the goddess Cybele and her lover Attis, festivals to honor the goddess Rhea who was believed to be the mother of Zeus and other Greek gods in Rome, and Durga-puja which is a festival in India honoring the goddess Durga that is still celebrated today

The Megalesia

The Megalesia was a festival honoring the mother goddess Cybele that would run from April 4th to April 10th. During this festival, the morning would start off with drums and dancing as “the temple Priest/esses brought out a sacred silver image of Kybele riding in a chariot drawn by lions and paraded it through the city” (source). A fir tree would be chopped down and taken to Cybele’s temple. All of this was to grieve the annual loss of her eunuch Son/Lover Attis, a god of vegetation that would die every Winter and return to life in the Spring (source).

Rhea – The Great Mother

Believed to be the Earth herself, Rhea is the wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and the other Greek gods and goddesses.

She was celebrated in several festivals in ancient Rome which included dancing, singing, and playing music until everyone was in a frenzied stupor.

When researching, I also found several accounts where she was honored alongside Cybele in festivals. Specifically, a Great Mother Festival (that was unnamed) wherein both of the goddesses were honored alongside each other.

Durga-puja – Victory Over Mahishasura

Durga is a goddess from India and her festival is still celebrated there today. She is celebrated dur to her victory over Mahishasura, a shape-shifting demon. The festival is a ten day festival wherein the last five hold the most significance. The festival encompasses all aspects of living, life, and celebration including unique decorations, specified visits with family and friends, dancing and celebration with feasting and performing arts and more!

The goddess herself is usually depicted as riding a lion and having multiple arms, all wielding a different weapon for defeating the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

Lions and Mother Goddesses

Something else that was very interesting when researching these festivals is that all three of these mother goddess figures ride or are accompanied by lions.

Lions have been depicted within human culture, legends, and spirituality for tens of thousands of years. Lions are a common symbol in ancient Egypt, Greece, and India to name a few!

As stated on Wikipedia, “The earliest known cave paintings of lions were found in the Chauvet Cave and in Lascaux in France’s Ardèche region and represent some of the earliest paleolithic cave art, dating to between 32,000 and 15,000 years ago” (source). This means that lions have been a part of human culture since the very first time humans laid eyes on a lion. The symbolism mentioned above has been seen consistently in artwork from cultures worldwide.

So, the next time you see a picture or symbol of a lion, or even the creature itself, make sure to take a moment to appreciate what humans have been appreciating for thousands of years!

Mothering Sunday

Speaking of mothers in religious/spiritual contexts, the Christian church had some say in the beginning of this holiday as well!

In Great Britain, during the Middle Ages, a holiday called Mothering Sunday was observed. This holiday honored the “mother church” AKA the church where one is baptized (source).

This day of honor was observed on the fourth Monday of the sacred holiday known as “Lent” wherein people would make it a point to visit their mother church on this day to pay homage to their birth into Christ via baptism as opposed to making a trip to the closest church to where they lived, also known as the “daughter church”(source).

“Mothering Sunday” into “Mother’s Day”

While the idea of honoring the mother is not new, transferring it to our actual mothers for a holiday was. Anna Jarvis was a childless woman whose mother died in 1905. She was grieved and wanted to set out to honor her. Spurred on by the knowledge that the current holidays in the calendar were primarily male-centered and ruled by the patriarchal society structure of the time, Anna was determined to get her holiday put on the calendar.

On May 12, 1907 she held a memorial service for her mother and the idea spread like wildfire! In 1914, acting president Woodrow Wilson made the day a national holiday!

At first, Anna tried to make the wearing of a white carnation the norm but over time the custom adapted to wearing a red or a pink carnation for a still living mother, or a white carnation for a deceased mother (source).

The Modern Holiday

Fast forward from 1907 to 2022 and Mother’s Day is less ritualized but still celebrated world-wide! Spending time with your mother or doing something special either for or on the day is now the norm along with the giving of flowers and gifts.

So, today, I hope you are planning something nice with your mom either today or in the week to come!


As always, thank you for reading. Please be sure to comment, share, and follow in order to receive updates about more interesting information!

Until next time! Stay learning and follow your dreams! One Page At A Time…