Take Me


Take me to a distant land
Where the world has not been touched by man
Take me to a whole new world
That fulfills the dreams of every boy and girl
Take me to that distant place
That the mere sight of makes your heart and mind race
Take me to the center of my dreams
Where absolutely nothing is as it seems
Take me far away to there
The upside down place
The other side of the mirror
Take me far away from here
From this toxic place
To where everything is clear
Take me where the angels grew
To the magical place
Just me and you…


I’m trapped inside
This skin you’ve made
It’s much much worse
Than any cage
It moves with me
Wherever I go
I used to guess
But now I know
I can’t keep living
In the dark
Can’t have a fire
With no spark
I can’t keep pretending
To be who you want me to be
I can’t keep wearing this
It isn’t me.
My wings strapped down
My mouth taped shut
The chains made of iron
The ground made of mud
I so want to be
Myself again
So one day soon
I’ve got to shed this skin
It’ll be painful then
This I know
And it’ll be a hell of a show
But when it’s all said and done
I’ll show my true self
And fly towards the sun.
This skin you’ve put me in is getting too tight

Here’s to the Ones Like You

Here’s to the ones the proud the few

heres to the ones who look like you

so beaten and battered on the inside and out

so full of fear anger and doubt

few will know that truth be told

your so much better than what the eyes behold

so full of love, accepting and pure

why do you hold that ugly demenour?

heres to the ones the proud the few

heres to the people who look like you

heres to the ones who stand an fight

heres to the ones who are constantly filled with fright

heres to the ones who are small and weak

heres to the ones who violence never seeks

heres to the ones who are strong and proud

heres to the ones who draw a crowd

heres to the one who holds you close

the one whose happiest to know you the most

heres to the one who each year

you raise a toast in celebration and cheer

heres to the one whose heart your promised

heres to the one who you treat like a goddess

heres to the ones who dont see what they have

heres to the ones whose marriages go bad

heres to society as a whole today

whose violent and horrid in everyway

heres to the channel you dont want your kids to watch

heres to the anger thats directed towards cops

heres to the kid who hides in his room

for if he leaves he’ll be dealt another wound

heres to the way that each generation is worse

more violent more angry more likely to curse

heres to the world that contains everyones stew

causing everyone to turn against me and you

heres to the God who created it all

heres to the devil who caused its fall

heres to the sin that causes all our faults

heres to the kindness that looks over them

heres to the reason we all live and die

heres to the goal we all tend to strive

heres to the ones the amazing the few

heres to the ones who are the best out of the whole stew

heres to the ones who arent horrid or mean

heres to the ones that society has washed clean

heres to the ones who are there no matter what

heres to the ones who will teach you to strut

with pride and self-worth

on the right course of life

heres to the ones who dont bear the knife

heres to the one whose got your back no matter what

heres to the one who knows whats what

heres to the amazing yet sparringly few

heres to a friend like you

your extremely rare indeed

and so just for existing, I thankyou.

Life’s Colors

Image from: https://and0324.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/5ink7gki8.jpg


There are colors

within every boy and girl

and with those colors

they paint the world


The easy part

is going out to play

the hard part

is getting those colors to stay


Everyone is born an artist

but while we go through the ages

we may lose our colors

as we go through life’s stages.


So I say to you now

try and keep a young mind

try and make your colors

stand the test of time


Help to paint the world

I Feel Emotions

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I can feel the Love inside of me.

As deep and vast as the bearing sea

Your arms my castle

Your eyes my sky

To show you I Love you and you not ask why


I can feel the Hate inside of me

It’s embers burn deep holes indeed

The want to fight

The want to kill

To take out my enemies, their blood I spill


I can feel the Sadness inside of me

Tears so plenty it creates a river so deep

The feeling of loss

The feeling of being alone

The Sadness you feel when you lose your Home


I feel the Fear inside of me

A Fear so great I cannot flee

My heart pounding in my chest

The blood draining away

The Fear that I may not live today


I feel the emotions inside of me

So deep so pure I do decree

The human experience

The human mind

Is what drives us all until the end of time.

Inner Soul


Image found at: http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/675b7744-676e-48ba-8492-c48e0fe7dbb6/dc3e26e4-7d14-4666-8bd4-cd97779fdd26.jpg

Today is the day that

I saw my inner soul

And I have to say that I was not

filled with fear at all


It was a glimmering and shimmering

hope within the night

It filled me with dreams

and a brand new light


Even though there were shadows

where the demons would come to play

The light of my soul is what overcomes them

every single day


And though over time

our souls do grow weary 

It really isn’t what others make it

it’s really not so dreary


Just keep a hold of your hopes and dreams

and keep them close to you

for your soul will never truly grow old

it’ll just take on a different hue.


Today is the day that I saw my inner soul

and I am glad to say that I did not fear at all.



The Guarded Woman

64da41e1cd7a88ba20ac64159d888df5 (1)

Image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/64/da/41/64da41e1cd7a88ba20ac64159d888df5.jpg

She was a lovely woman

when she was very young

her hair was soft and healthy

words quickly bounced off her tongue


Her lips were red as roses

her skin as fair as the rule of a good king

her shape was smooth and lively

her heart’s good showed in her being


But now that she has grown older

her heart is the color jade

her words cut and are more bitter

her face kept in the shade


She trusts no one anymore

and lives a lonely life

once she was young and married

once she was a happy wife


but the years went by

her husband died

her kids left and never came back


Everyone she ever helped

when she needed them,

turned their back


but there is something that she does love

a little creature, small in size

and when she calls out his name

he comes and stares into her eyes


this creature is her helper

a little friend that once came

and once he was in her life

he never left again


This creature is a black soul

his horns a twisted into claws

he keeps his size small

so that she would not fret at all


so this beautiful soul of a woman

grown bitter with the years

has no clue that her friend is a demon

as a cat he does appear


She is the guarded woman

and never again will be alone

for her and her demon cat make quite a happy home.


The Chirping Bird

One day a little chirping bird

said unto me

“Don’t you wish you could fly away

and be truly free?”


“My wings carry me away

to great distant lands

feeling the soft wind beneath them

doing as my mind commands.”


And I looked to the little bird

and a smile spread across my face

“Why yes I wish I could fly with you

to that special place.”


“The place where no one cries

and no one is in pain

the place where we can truly  love

every part of ourselves again.”


and as this bird and I talked

and the sun began to set

I felt my back moving

a pair of wings I did get.


With elated smile

and cheer escaping my mouth

I leapt to fly into the air

and circled round my house.


Now me and that bird keep flying

each and every day

to distant lands and sunsets

we fly so far away.


How did those wings grow, you ask?

Upon my back that day?

Well who am I, a chirping bird

to really and truly say?


This world is filled with magic

with things not yet known

so just close your eyes and leap into the air

your wings will carry you home.



First blog post

So as you can see this is my first blog post so I wanted to talk a little about myself and my blog.

I am a 20 year old college student. I am majoring in English Writing with a Publication Concentration and am minoring in Graphic Design at UNG. Writing is my passion and would love to become a published author one day. For hobbies I like to write, of course, as well as participate in a few LARP’s called Dagorhir and Nukelanta. I traveled the world with my family while I was growing up and have seen some amazing things.

This blog will be a place for me to publicly publish my poems and stories as well as posts on my every day life and different thoughts I have. It will be a way to get my writing out there and learn more about the writing community.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all enjoy my blog.