Tunnel Memories

Created by: raminnazer AKA Rainbow Brainskull – raminnazer.com (Check out the art!!)

remember who you are

you haven’t come too far

to reach back inside

and open yourself up wide

re-realize your dreams

and what sews you together at the seams

remember who you were

before life became a blur

in those first days

learning all the ways

to be human

and divine

a universe seed

connecting lines

from past to present

and present to last

until it becomes future and we relax

into who we’ve become

and how far we’ve yet to go

realizing we’ll never make it

to the end of that long tunnel

never in the same place

but never to arrive

life is truly a journey

remember that this time

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and yet
is a mystery
and all that studying gets
is more questions than answers
like trying to catch a lazer dot
the heavens themselves mocking us
when we think the dot we caught
then it slips away again
and fades into the mist
of religion and footprints
from ancestors long amiss
we go to work and come home
a routine turns to rut
sometimes we pick up a crystal
and worship someone called Mut
so tell me what you think of this
life that we call home?
stuck on a blue marble out in space
where greed has claimed it’s home?
lost connections and using humans
like tools for an ego boost instead
of making friends and worshipping nature
surrounding us in colors only read
about from the spectrum
of light only seen by cats and shrimp
these things called cones in our eyes
help us to attempt
to reconstruct what stimuli
enters our senses five
but that’s not what the world truly is
and I’ll tell you why
ever heard of Plato’s Cave?
or that we have a very limited view of light?
that we can only interpret what our brain can process
and that there’s much more light at night?
so with all the studying
that we have done throughout our shoots
and dragonology even have their roots
-E. Lexi Abbott

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E. Lexi Abbott at YOUR Wedding

Hello and good morning! Happy Wednesday to you! As per my previous post, I am starting to delve even further into the world of weddings now. I am so excited to get started on this journey and offer services that will make couple’s wedding days even better than they hoped!

Please find below a picture of the very sheet I handed out at the Open House at Lilly Creek Farm and that I will be handing out at Ivy and Oak on February 6th as well as 3 Oaks Farm on February 27th!

Want to hire E. Lexi Abbott for YOUR wedding? Send me a message!

Thank you so much for reading. Please remember to like, follow, and share this post with your friends and family! Again, you can get in touch with me by sending a letter…

Open House at Lilly Creek Farm

This past Sunday I was invited to attend an open house at Lilly Creek Farm to meet with couples who will be having their wedding soon! I was among several other vendors and was more than happy to hand out flyers and information!

Want to hire me for your event? Send me a letter!

Lilly Creek Farm

Lilly Creek Farm

Lilly Creek Farm Events is a wonderful place with a beautiful barn, a lovely arch area, and plenty of room for whatever kind of wedding your heart desires! See their website at www.lillycreekfarmevents.com! They have openings starting in 2023 for weddings so if you like what you see, book TODAY!

Open House

The open house itself was EXPERTLY rendered. Maria, the site owner, had tables inside the barn with specific places for each vendor to go. The barn itself was decorated beautifully and it was very easy to envision the beautiful ceremonies that could be and are held there.

The vendors themselves were absolutely fantastic! Everyone was SO nice and willing to help and talk! It was an absolute joy for me to attend and I couldn’t be more grateful! I even got some of the business cards of other vendors such as venues, officiants, dj’s, and more! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see what services they have to offer!


If you didn’t know, I offer vow writing services! A lot of couples have trouble putting their feelings into words and writing them down, especially with the knowledge that their family and friends will be hearing them read these words out loud! That’s where I come in!

I will work with you (and your spouse too!) to unlock your words and put them down on paper! As I’ve said with my poems, “Your Heart, My Words!”

Depending on the package, I will even practice with you multiple times leading up to the big day and, if you want, will even accompany you on your big day to practice one more time to be able to deliver the vows as perfect as you have them in your head!


I was also offering custom poems! As you know, I write custom poems by taking information, from individuals and couples, and creating a one-of-a-kind custom written work!

Another service I offer is custom on-the-spot poems by the hour! I will bring a table and printer and I will create poems for you and your guests at your event, wedding or otherwise, on the spot!

Other Vendors

Here is a list of some of the other vendors I was able to get in contact with! Each and every one of them are absolutely amazing individuals that will make your wedding day the fairytale you’ve always dreamed of!

Venue: Ivy and Oak

Phone: (404)554-7465

Email: Lacey(a)IvyAndOakWeddings.com

Website: ivyandoakweddings.com

Lacey is a delightful and positive individual who knows just how to make brides and grooms feel at ease on their big day! Her lovely venue at Ivy and Oak have openings THIS YEAR 2022! Their venue is located in Talking Rock, Ga at 70 Antioch Church Rd!

Officiant: Forever Love Wedding Ministries

Phone: (678)983-6730

Email: mfv117(a)bellsouth.net

Michael Volk is absolutely fantastic! He knows just what to say and when to say it! He is a favorite at Lilly Creek Farm and has a special way he performs his ceremonies that make them last in your memory, and your guests’ memories, FOREVER!

He works often with DJ Keaton and the two of them know just how to create a seamless experience!

Photography: Michelle Lacson

phone: (661)547-6112

email: michellelacsonphotography(a)yahoo.com

IG: @michellelacsonphotography

Website: michellelacsonphotography.com

A wonderfully sweet individual who specializes in Disney themed weddings! She had up an adorable and perfectly rendered photo of a couple on a carousel! She brings such a joyful feeling to any event and will be sure to bring forth your best smiles for your pictures!

Photographer: Seeing Southern Photography

Phone: (770)365-1358

Email: seeingsouthernphotography(a)gmail.com

Website: seeingsouthernphotography.com

This woman knows how to bring the southern charm to your wedding! Her photos embody the romantic side of the South that we all know and love!

Horse-drawn Carriage: Highlander Carriage Services

Phone: (706)219-0235

Email: liveoutloud0207(a)gmail.com

Facebook: Highlander Carriage Services

Susie and Ed Allen are a couple with a love for simple and true and are an absolutely joy to talk with. They run Highlander Carriage Services wherein your princess dreams can come true! Straight out of the Christmas song we all know and love, these pony/Clydesdale hybrids are sleek, beautiful, well tempered, and have the perfect amount of feathering around their hooves to make the day as magical as can be!

Entertainment: Jay Mathis

Phone: (678)650-0917

Email: jaymathisent(a)gmail.com

Facebook: Jay Mathis Entertainment

This man is a jack of all trades! He does music, photography, even graphic t-shirts and he is an absolute joy to talk to. He will hype you up like nobody’s business and knows how to conduct himself as a professional. He will help make your wedding or other event absolutely fantastic!

DJ: BeLive

Phone: (770)533-0541

Email: Keaton@belivedjs.com

Website: www.belivedjs.com

Keaton is a fantastic person, able to blend in perfectly like a chameleon with whatever kind of wedding or event you have, he knows how to keep the beats pumping and the people dancing and having a wonderful time!

He works often with Officiant Michael Volk and the two of them know just how to create a seamless experience!


Thank you, as always, for reading! I hope you were able to get some new information and see someone you might like to hire for YOUR wedding or event! As always feel free to reach out and Send Me A Letter if you’d like a custom made poem, tutoring, editing, or even help with writing your vows!

Have a fantastic day! Keep learning!

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Dust in the Cosmos

200 billion trillion stars
in the cosmos adorn
and 8 billion humans
from star dust born
14 billion years
the rough estimate age
of all the constellations
on the planetary stage
burning fuel
or souls roaming free?
the cosmos and the heavens
seem the same to me
lifeforms unconnected
geography unmapped
knowledge and understanding
the only thing we lack
on a blue marble full of resources
and an atmospheric shield
like the hearts of those broken
who refuse to yield
a single granule
in a beach full of sand
and yet every soul impacts
this ancient and broiling land
teeming with individuals
and history violent as the sun
cooling just enough
to allow life a bit of fun
and what will happen
when the planet rebounds?
turning cold as ice
emitting no further planetary sound?
we’ll be gone by then
a twinkle in the night sky
to some other planet
also questioning why
the universe is beautiful
and chaotic and unknown
I hope we leave behind
a clue that they were never alone

  • E. Lexi Abbott

#poem #space #outerspace #poetry #origin #alone #dust #stars #star #human

Happy 2022!

Hello and good morning! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me to you! I truly hope you’ve all been well and had a wonderful holiday season!

What’s coming for E. Lexi Abbott in 2022? Well, quite a few things!


I am happy to announce that I have decided to switch my focus from Tire Tales to writing poetry. This is the medium of writing that I am most versed in and experienced with and I have noticed that I not only have the ability to write good poetry, but poetry that hits home and leaves those I write for with happy tears brimming in their eyes.

With this new direction I have been contacting businesses to partner with them and offer their clients custom one-of-a-kind poems! I keep saying they’re not personalized, they’re customized! Meaning that rather having an original script and simply inserting a customer’s information, I create their poem from the ground up with information and memories that they share with me.


As of right now, January 4th (2022), I am partnered with 13 funeral homes, two animal clinics, a major flower shop, and a wedding venue! I am super excited for the poems I will hopefully be writing this year and I am still expanding and reaching out!


Tire Tales

While my focus HAS shifted from Tire Tales to poetry, that does not mean I am giving up on the series completely. In the works, slowly but surely, I am re-drawing the artwork for the first three books and continuing to work on and improve the website (TireTalesAdventures.com). What I hope to bring to the website is a Kids Only section with educational activities and projects, a support section for parents and teachers, and more reading and learning material as time goes on.


Novel Update

I had an opportunity to submit a novel manuscript to Random House Publishing through SCBWI and I was elated to begin working on the manuscript for my novel “Two Lives, One Soul” from the ground up. I got 30,000 words in before I even began at the start of the first draft, so a LOT of content was added as well as finite details about the world and the characters that I just simply hadn’t worked out before.

I did not hear back from them, which was sad, but I do realize that this novel may have potential as a finished product rather than a WIP forever just being used to hone my writing skills. I will be looking for opportunities to submit the manuscript in the future and will be working on it along and along. Last I checked, I was at 50,000 words…so it’s going to be a big one. Very excited!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

While I have moved on from working at the tutoring center I was employed with due to rising demand of attention and time to my other work, I still am open for independent tutoring.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been tutoring for five years now. I began during the last two years of my college career, working as a Writing Tutor in the Writing Center for four consecutive semesters (two years) and as a Writing Fellow for two consecutive semesters (one year, overlapping). After graduating, I joined as an employee to Best In Class Education Center where I learned and worked with Pre-K through high school level students.

This means my experience has rounded out to include all age-groups and writing styles and has given me the ability to meet students where they are at whether they are younger or older, new or experienced with writing.

I help with all stages of the writing process for academic as well as creative writing and every single student I have ever worked with has seen their grades shoot up from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s…but mostly A’s…after a couple weeks together. Especially with young students, it is important to work on courage and confidence as well as actual writing skill 🙂



As you can see, I have a lot going on and in the works! I am very excited to see what the year 2022 brings me and my customers!

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day! Don’t forget to like, follow, and share and check out what I have to sell on my merchandise page and the writing services I have to offer. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a letter and I will email you back!

Remember Your Best Friend Fur-ever!

Recently lost a beloved family pet? There’s nothing like the hole a beloved dog or cat leaves behind when they cross over that rainbow bridge. I can help you relive your best moments together!

How it works: Contact me and we will have a quick 10-15 minute phone or video call. During this time I will ask you questions about your recently passed best friend and I will take down careful notes, being sure not to leave anything out.

I will then compile all this information into a beautiful, harmonic written work that will bring a smile to your face and memories flooding back every time you read it!

Want your poem engraved? Ask me for options!

Lucky Number 13 – Steps to Writing an Essay!

Hello and good morning everyone! Thank you for joining me, E. Lexi Abbott, for another exciting blog post! This post covers the 13 steps of writing an essay. Read on to either confirm what you already know or to learn something new!

Please note: This is just a basic rundown of each step and is meant to be a short read. For any specific questions please remember I am a writing tutor going on 7 years now and do have open slots for students at this time (November 2021)!

Step 1: Research and Brainstorming

I group research and brainstorming into one step because one cannot exist without the other. As we think up what we would like to write about, that decision will either solidify or change depending on new information we acquire while we research!

REMEMBER: Always use legitimate sources and always record which sources you think you will use. This will help you write your Works Cited later!

Step 2: Thesis Statement

A term I am sure you have heard of before, but if you haven’t, the thesis statement is your overall stance that you are taking throughout your paper. Your main point. Your argument.

Coming up with your thesis statement is step one to physically writing your paper. Once you decide on your stance, you have a paper to write.

A STRONG thesis statement is one that can easily be challenged. What do I mean by this? I mean, saying that fluffy cats are cute is a widely agreed upon statement and therefore is a weak thesis statement. Stating that hairless cats are cute is a stronger thesis statement because there is less automatic support and, therefore, you have something to argue and prove. (This is just an example. I personally love MOST animals!)

Your thesis statement should be ONE sentence long. You CAN break it up into the main points you will be making and have three sections to it, but make sure your thesis statement only consists of one sentence.

Side note: A thesis statement goes at the very end of your introduction paragraph OR at the beginning of your first paragraph for longer essays.

Step 3: Outline

After researching, brainstorming, and deciding on a solid thesis statement, the next step is creating the outline!

An outline not only is to help you organize your thoughts but also acts as a road map for your writing. I know I am not the only one who tends to go off on tangents when I write and regularly need to remind myself to get to the point. It is easy to lose your way while writing, ESPECIALLY when writing something you feel strongly about!

A basic outline will look like this:

Introduction –


Body Paragraph 1 –

BP2 –

BP3 – (etc.)


NOTE: The thesis statement is automatically part of the introduction paragraph BUT is important enough to have it’s own space in your outline.

How to fill the outline? – Write ONE sentence for each paragraph. It should be easy to make your point for each paragraph in one sentence, if it isn’t, you have not consolidated your position enough.

Step 4: Introduction Paragraph

First of all, you don’t HAVE to work on your introduction paragraph first! Ever! Why? Because sometimes it is hard to write an introduction paragraph before you’ve written your paper – it is hard to introduce something when that thing does not exist yet!

However! I have found a VERY simple way to write your intro paragraph! I call it the funnel method. In this method, you are going from least to most specific information. Least specific goes at the top, most specific is your thesis statement!

You will have at least four sentences. Four sentences is your

At the beginning of your funnel, write the most general information you can about your subject. (Note: Do not write “since the beginning of time” or anything else like this. It is not technically true. Write something technically true)

The next sentence should be more specific, then more specific, until you reach your thesis statement.

(If you would like personal one-on-one help, reach out to me at the Send A Letter… page!)

Step 5: Conclusion Paragraph

The next step is to go directly to your conclusion paragraph. I will argue until the day that I am no longer writing (will never happen haha) that your conclusion should NOT be a sum-it-all-up conclusion. It may be easy but it adds NOTHING and most academic essays are short enough that your reader does not need to be reminded of what they have read. For longer works, summaries are VERY helpful, but for the usual 5-8 paragraph essay? Not needed.

Instead, write the NEXT STEP. Assume you won your reader over. What should they do with this new information? How will this improve their life? What is the next step? This paragraph should focus on that.

You cannot tie your essay into a pretty little bow. It is not a stand alone topic. People have been and will continue talking about your chosen subject after your essay is written. So instead, export your data.

(Again…any specific questions? Feel free to reach out! Send A Letter…)

Step 6: Body Paragraphs

NOTE: This step is interchangeable with step 7!

Finally, it’s time to start writing your essay! By now you should have a VERY good idea of what you’d like to say. Now, it’s all about getting it written down and edited.

Your body paragraph should be very close to your essay as a whole, structurally. You should have a topic sentence, a statement, and evidence to back it up.

Note: a body paragraph lasts as long as your subject does. Your body paragraph could take up PAGES if you wanted it to, or just a few sentences. Write until you feel you’ve provided sufficient evidence for your point.

Continue for each body paragraph.

Step 7: Quotes

NOTE: This step is interchangeable with step 6!

If your essay is the cake, quotes are the decoration! They support the overall image but cannot stand on their own as a cake…because they are just decorations, not the cake.

Quotes are usually needed to help back up your claim. Your readers don’t know you but if your point is backed up by established experts, you gain credibility!

Always remember to “sew it in”…what do I mean by this? Introduce your quote!! Do not start off your sentence with the quote, explain it a little bit then have the quote, after the quote, EXPLAIN it. Pretend it is blank. Pretend it is in an unknown language. Explain to your readers IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the quote says and how it supports your argument. And last, but not least, end your sentence with an in-text citation relevant to your specific formatting. MLA? (Author page#) APA? (Author, year published) etc.

Also, does your quote take up more than four lines? It’s a block quote. Look it up. You’re welcome!

Step 8: Format

The holy grail of formatting is OwlPurdue.com…memorize this site, love it, commit it to heart. They have EVERYTHING.

MLA – Modern Language Association – used for liberal arts and humanities papers/subjects.

APA – American Psychological Association – used for science papers/subjects.

Chicago – Follows closely to either MLA or APA depending on your subject and is mostly used for the extra formatting it provides. This format is used mostly for publishers of books or journals because of the ability to mix MLA and APA as needed. In all my years of tutoring I have helped ONE student with this format for their essay – this is for large works, not essays. Familiarize yourself with it anyways.

Always follow a format. Why? Because it’s professional and there’s a reason they exist. They make things easy to read and follow. Why do societies speak the same language? Because it makes communication easy to read and follow. Formatting is your friend!

Step 9: Rough Draft

Once you have completed your Introduction, Conclusion, and Body Paragraphs…congratulations! You’ve completed your rough draft!

It is called a rough draft because it is not done. Do NOT turn in your rough draft. I can almost guarantee your paper is not to the level it should be.

Your rough draft is very important. It’s the first version of your completed essay. You have piled all your sand into the sandbox and built the first forms of a castle…time to perfect it!

Step 10-12: EDITS

You will have a second and third draft and possibly even a fourth! Once you have your rough draft and have all the information inside your essay that you want, now it’s time to make sure you:

1) Say it the way you want to (second draft)

2) Have the proper grammar (third draft)

3) Have the correct formatting and have polished it even further after you have let the words sink in a little more (fourth/final draft)

Editing is the most important part of the writing process. I know that as students, especially younger students, you just want to be done with the paper and turn it in BUT if you get into the habit of editing your papers, it will become second nature and from this point forward you will be a stronger and stronger communicator. Just trust me. EDIT!

Step 13: Works Cited

Hopefully you have been keeping track of your sources this whole time. ALWAYS have a Works Cited. Not only does it help YOU go back and find more quotes or more information when you realize your specially chosen original quote doesn’t QUITE work while you’re through your first or second draft of edits…it also helps your readers learn more about the subject you are discussing.

A Works Cited is important not just to avoid plagiarism, but the real reason it is there is so those who are interested in your subject matter can go and do their own research. Learning is an important part of being human and whole groups of people used to sit around and just think about life itself – philosophers in ancient Rome for example.

I personally feel that this joy and love for learning has been lost a little bit, but I hope it will make a return. Curiosity should always be encouraged and should never be stamped out.

My point? Make your Works Cited! Look on OwlPurdue.com for help!

(Or reach out to me! Send A Letter…)

Congratulations! You’ve written an essay! Now go get that A!


Thank you for reading and I hope you found this list of steps helpful! Always remember that the reason teachers have you write essays is to genuinely help your communication and critical thinking skills, not just to give you busy work!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and writing and may you have a lovely day!

As always, please feel free to comment, share, and reach out to me!

Braselton Antique and Arts Festival – Reflection

I am still collecting myself but this weekend was one of the most magical and wonderful things I’ve ever participated in! Read on to see the festival through my eyes and hear about this amazing journey!


The weekend started out almost as bad as it could get (luckily not AS bad as it could get)! When I arrived they had a shut down time for driving to your spot I was not aware of, I forgot my tent weights so I had to take back down my pop up tent so it wouldn’t blow around, everything kept falling on the ground, it took forever to get going, and my anxiety was off the charts.

Luckily, my wonderful and supportive father came and brought me my tent weights and between him and my mother that came and spent the WHOLE festival with me from set up to tear down, my tent was up and running in record time!


After I got set up, the sales started coming in! My first sale was before I got my tent set up and she was the most wonderful supportive person! I was glad to have met her! (Pictures below)

Out of all the poems I got to write, the ones that stood out the most were: A man who bought a poem for his wife and read it to her at my booth so I got to see her reaction, a 10 year old girl named Emily who got a poem for her recently deceased grandfather named Poppi, and a young couple who had liked each other for four years before gaining the courage to admit it to one another, found that they liked each other, and now have been dating for 10 months and are about to move in together!

I had a few customers cry happy tears and all of my poems hit home for those I made them for. I was so happy to see their smiling faces!


Other than writing poems for customers, I was debuting my educational children’s book series Tire Tales! I was delighted to see how happy my series made people!

I created 10 different coloring page designs and had them at my booth, thanks to one of my friends who printed them out for me (thank you David!!) I had some beautiful artwork I got to hang up for all to see!


Throughout the weekend I tried a few different layouts for my booth. By the end of the festival I had it down to a science!

At first I had my easel up near the front so people could watch me draw the Tire Tales characters. I even had some kids that wanted me to draw extra images or wanted to try coloring in the images themselves! (Side note: It is a lot easier to draw on my iPad where I can redo lines than it is with chalk on a drawing pad!!)

Then, I moved a small table near the front and set my portable printer and iPad on it along with a sign hanging above to create custom poems for people and make it more obvious what I could do!


Overall, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and the experience to be a vendor at the Braselton Antique and Arts festival! I remembered why I call myself a writer and the joy I have in creating unique and special poems and experiences for others!

If YOU would like a custom poem made or to order any of my books (Tire Tales series or poetry chapbooks) feel free to drop me a line on the “Send a Letter” page!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!