Desert Rainbows

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there are no rainbows in the desert
because the air is dry
there is no surface to reflect on
to show colors in the sky

there are no rainbows in the desert
the environment is arid and alone
it takes both sun and water
to make a happy Home

there are no rainbows in the desert
the sun dominates the sky
the plants and animals have adapted
to living hot and dry

there are no rainbows in the desert
just like no man is an island on his own
it takes resources and connections
to make life something well known

there are no rainbows in the desert
just like there are no fires in the sea
no waterfalls on the plains
and no scales on a bee

everything has its place
in this world so wide
but don’t confuse yourself with a desert
sometimes you need to cry inside

with those tears come a rainbow
of colorful shimmering hues
the desert transforms to forest
and new growth begins in you

there are no rainbows in the desert
we need connection in order to grow
we need sad times and glad times
and space for the rainbows to show

everything is a balance
that is how life exists at all
we happen to be in the perfect place
on a green and blue ball

there are no rainbows in the desert
so stop isolating yourself on your own
it takes laughter and it takes tears
to make a happy Home

Author: E. Lexi Abbott

Tire Tales! A Community!

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope the start to your school year has been fantastic! I am pleased and excited to announce the new website for Tire Tales!! Please read on to learn more about this website and my hopes for the future of Tire Tales!

(Please note: These screenshots are from the desktop version of the website. The mobile version looks different as it is formatted to fit your phone with ease!)

On this website you will find the Home, Adventure, Community, Characters, and Contact tabs. Let me walk you through the features of this brand new website!!


On the Home tab you will currently find a welcome banner and three links going to Adventure, Community, and Characters. In the future, important updates and special guest spotlights will find their way to the banner picture!


On the Adventure tab you will find links to the current books and t-shirts. In the future, links to more products will be added. A sub-tab of Adventure is labeled “shop”. In the future, products will be more intricately tied to the website so that you can order your Tire Tales adventure products more easily and directly from the website itself!


On the Community tab you will find links to the Forum, Members, and Gallery pages! The Community tab is there to do just that! Create a community! You can sign yourself and your child up for the Tire Tales community via the Members page OR the log-in bar located at the top.

As soon as you are a member I will personally approve you and assign you a roll. Children and adults will be clearly labeled and security measures will be taken to ensure your child’s safety online!

In the future, there will be children sections to the website featuring free coloring pages, videos, and other fun things!


My hope is that the Tire Tales Community will work together to help one another and connect! In this spirit, I have also created roles to show those members who are Homeschooling Parents, Parents, Educators, and Mental Health Experts! This will allow members to easily seek out or see advice from other, more qualified, members in certain topics! For right now, please message me via the CONTACT page to let me know if you fulfill one of these roles!


In the Gallery I hope to showcase drawings, colorings, and pictures of our Tire Tales community! Want YOUR picture added? Send it to to be reviewed and possibly posted! If posted, I will notify you in the form you give me to contact you that your picture is up!


On the Characters page, you can find quick information about each main character of the Tire Tales series! You can also navigate to their own personal page to learn even more via sub-tabs or links on the Characters main page!

Contact Us

The Contact Us page is a straightforward way to send a message to me, E. Lexi Abbott, the author and illustrator of Tire Tales, for all your questions, concerns, and messages!

THANK YOU for reading and I look forward to seeing you on the Tire Tales website!!

Author Signing in Cumming, Ga!

E. Lexi Abbott Poetry Chapbooks

Hello and good morning everyone! I am excited to announce that I will have my first author signing at Sawnee Drug Co. in Cumming, Ga (2515 Business Dr, Cumming, GA 30028)


Tire Tales: An Educational Children’s Book Series!

Come with your Tire Tales books or E. Lexi Abbott poetry chapbook to get it signed, in person, by the author! I can’t wait to see you there!

E. Lexi Abbott

E. Lexi Abbott Booth!

Come find me at the Cumming Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 6:30 – 11 am!

Located in the parking lot across from the Fairgrounds in Cumming, Ga!

E. Lexi Abbott creating a custom poem for a patron!

I am a poet, writer, tutor, and editor! Let me make you a custom on-the-spot poem and come check out “Tire Tales”, an educational children’s book series for K-3rd grade students!

Tire Tales: Learning About Germany

“Tire Tales: Learning About Germany” cover

Teach your students about Germany with Tire Tales’ upcoming book!

Shelly, Amelia, Speedy, and Whiz meet a new friend named Strudel and he shares fun facts about Germany with the friends! Facts like where Germany is located, how big Germany is, and what fun things you can find there!

Message me for information on how to order yours today!


Sweet Apple Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market

Find E. Lexi Abbott at the Sweet Apple Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market TONIGHT from 2-5 pm!

WHEN: 7/22/2021 from 2-5 pm

WHERE: 7386-9478 Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell, GA 30075

See you there!

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Tuesday July 20, 2021 – E. Lexi Abbott Appearance

Come buy E. Lexi Abbott books and get a custom made poem for your special occasion!

Event: Tuesday Market

Venue: The Mill on Etowah

Address: 225 Reformation Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114

Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Want E. Lexi Abbott to appear at YOUR event? Message us to book at Send a letter…!

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E. Lexi Abbott Updates!

Good morning and happy July 5th everyone! I hope today finds you with your morning beverage of choice and happy relaxation!

What’s Been Going On With Me?

Tire Tales

Since the global-panda, I have been working like crazy on Tire Tales – my educational children’s book series for K-3rd grade students. I have published three books, creating the social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and been trying to get the word out there about the series! I also have been offering an internship throughout the Summer and the intern that I chose has ROCKED!


I joined a group for children’s book writers and illustrators and attended an online conference. During this conference I had the opportunity to submit a manuscript to Random House without an agent! I, of course, jumped on the opportunity to submit a query letter for a novel I have worked almost a decade on! A science-fiction YA novel. I am so excited to hear back!


I also have switched from tutoring both for a center and independently to tutoring completely independently. My schedule is ever-evolving and switching to being completely self-employed as far as tutoring goes was the best option for me.

Future Goals

Heading into the future I hope to gain a larger following for Tire Tales and update the artwork now that my skills have improved, get my novel published, and continue writing poetry and tutoring!

Thanks so much for joining me on my update! I hope every single one of you have a fantastic day and happy 2021 everyone!

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