Rumbling Skies

Write a poem with me! Poem written in real time and on-the-spot! Hire me to write for your wedding, prom, anniversary, funeral, or just because! On-the-spot writing can be hired for your event wherein I bring a portable printer and give the poems to you and your guests right then and there!

The Castle’s Library

[This is a writing I did in response to an ambiance video on YouTube that I was enjoying. You can find the video here.] The Castle’s Library It’s a dark, rainy night and I find myself in the castles’ library. The fireplace is adding an inspiring glow to the books on the shelf and theContinue reading “The Castle’s Library”

Little White Chairs

He was going on an adventure he didn’t want in a place he never dreamed he would be. As he boarded the plane, he took one last longing glance at the airport through the loading tunnel’s window. Did he have to go? He had never gone more than a town away from home and heContinue reading “Little White Chairs”