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  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Essay Writing
  • Creative Writing
Group and Individual Plans Available – See details below

Are you struggling with writing? Need to guarantee an A on your upcoming essay? Want to brush up on your story telling? E. Lexi Abbott is the tutor for you! SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST LESSON TODAY!

E.L.A. Tutoring is here to give you the support and guidance you need to reach your goals whether they’re:

  • basic reading comprehension and writing skills
  • learning how to write an academic essay from start to finish
  • writing your life story via memoir
  • or writing and editing your novel!

Having worked with students from grade school through the college level, whatever your project may be you know you will be able to succeed! One Page At A Time…


Tutoring with E. Lexi Abbott is divided up into monthly plans with the goal to support both your student’s needs and your schedule. These are a basic overview of the plans available. If you require special accommodation, please mention that when you message E. Lexi Abbott about tutoring!

NOTE: Students may email E. Lexi at any time outside of lesson and office hours and expect a response within 1-2 business days.


An individual plan will guarantee individualized instruction for your student. This plan offers both once a week and twice a week tutoring, depending on your student’s needs.

Other than individualized help, this plan will also allow you to create a personalized lesson plan for your student that will allow them to improve their skills and be on the road to high grades and college preparedness!

This is the best option if you are homeschooling your child as you will receive not only their personalized lesson but consistent progress reports for your records to ease the burden on you to keep up with recording your homeschooled student’s progress!

Office hours will be available for students in the event they need extra help outside their scheduled 1 hour lessons.


The most cost effective plan that will still get your student much needed support to gain skills and learn at their own pace! Group tutoring sessions will be offered on a weekly basis with an open door policy. Students may enter and exit at any time during group tutoring hours that will be available on a weekly basis.

With this plan, your student can learn alongside other students in a virtual classroom and have direct access to voice and chat support and instruction.

There will be an ongoing schedule of lessons and what to have prepared for each class so that students may gain skills together. These lessons will heavily depend on the needs of the current students in the group plan and will allow your child to not only receive support for their current lessons, should they already be enrolled in public school, but to also gain skills independent of their current classes to help them truly improve their skills and prepare for a college ready writing level.

Please note: group tutoring cannot guarantee the amount of individualized attention that your child may require, as the number of students in the class will fluctuate and, therefore, so will the amount of individualized instruction E. Lexi will be able to give to each student.


Having started her tutoring journey halfway through college in 2017, E. Lexi Abbott graduated in 2019 with a B.A. in Writing and Publication. Since graduation, she has continued her tutoring journey and now has 6 total years of experience in tutoring.

Writing Teacher PreK through Highschool: Worked as a writing teacher at a local tutoring center with students both individually and in groups from PreK – Highschool level on grammar, punctuation, essay writing, reading and reading comprehension, vocabulary, and special situations wherein students were behind.

College Writing Tutor: Worked both in the Writing Center with students individually on an appointment basis and as a Writing Fellow with students from a specific class on one of their essays throughout the semester.

Homeschool Teacher: Created and implemented a curriculum for homeschooled students and prepared them for college level.

Writing Tutor: Worked with students individually both in-person and online to give extra support and teach skills that they were not learning in the public school system.

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