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A picture is worth a thousand words…

…but what do those words say?

On your wedding day, all smiles staring at the camera makes a nice picture, but what is the STORY behind it? Record your story today to remember exactly how you felt and exactly what went on during the best day of your lives (so far!)…forever!

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Poems are beautiful, there’s a reason we choose cards with cute and meaningful poems in them. But what about when it’s a poem about YOU? Take that feeling of bliss and multiply it times a thousand! Have a custom poem written about your love story so far to frame and keep forever!

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You know exactly how you feel about your future spouse, but putting those feelings into words can be stressful. Forget the stress! Hire me to write your custom wedding vows that will leave no doubt about the depths of your love for them!

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On-the-spot poetry

Need entertainment? Want to stand out from the rest? Hire a poet to write custom poems for your guests on-the-spot! They can take home a printed poem to remember YOUR big day by! Poems written and printed in less than 20 minutes!

“I absolutely love it!!!!”


(Wedding Vows)

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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