One day a little chirping bird

said unto me

“Don’t you wish you could fly away

and be truly free?”


“My wings carry me away

to great distant lands

feeling the soft wind beneath them

doing as my mind commands.”


And I looked to the little bird

and a smile spread across my face

“Why yes I wish I could fly with you

to that special place.”


“The place where no one cries

and no one is in pain

the place where we can truly  love

every part of ourselves again.”


and as this bird and I talked

and the sun began to set

I felt my back moving

a pair of wings I did get.


With elated smile

and cheer escaping my mouth

I leapt to fly into the air

and circled round my house.


Now me and that bird keep flying

each and every day

to distant lands and sunsets

we fly so far away.


How did those wings grow, you ask?

Upon my back that day?

Well who am I, a chirping bird

to really and truly say?


This world is filled with magic

with things not yet known

so just close your eyes and leap into the air

your wings will carry you home.