I Feel Emotions

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I can feel the Love inside of me.

As deep and vast as the bearing sea

Your arms my castle

Your eyes my sky

To show you I Love you and you not ask why


I can feel the Hate inside of me

It’s embers burn deep holes indeed

The want to fight

The want to kill

To take out my enemies, their blood I spill


I can feel the Sadness inside of me

Tears so plenty it creates a river so deep

The feeling of loss

The feeling of being alone

The Sadness you feel when you lose your Home


I feel the Fear inside of me

A Fear so great I cannot flee

My heart pounding in my chest

The blood draining away

The Fear that I may not live today


I feel the emotions inside of me

So deep so pure I do decree

The human experience

The human mind

Is what drives us all until the end of time.


Published by E. Lexi Abbott

A free spirit and a wild soul. I am a writer who is seeking the inspiration found in the crannies and nooks of life. My goal is to combine the world in my head with the world around me one page at a time.

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