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I can feel the Love inside of me.

As deep and vast as the bearing sea

Your arms my castle

Your eyes my sky

To show you I Love you and you not ask why


I can feel the Hate inside of me

It’s embers burn deep holes indeed

The want to fight

The want to kill

To take out my enemies, their blood I spill


I can feel the Sadness inside of me

Tears so plenty it creates a river so deep

The feeling of loss

The feeling of being alone

The Sadness you feel when you lose your Home


I feel the Fear inside of me

A Fear so great I cannot flee

My heart pounding in my chest

The blood draining away

The Fear that I may not live today


I feel the emotions inside of me

So deep so pure I do decree

The human experience

The human mind

Is what drives us all until the end of time.