Living Nightmare


Image source:×420.jpg

Bloody wars

Bloody doors

Souls flying around in orbs

Screaming dead

Dying live

With that cold look in your eyes

Take the scroll

Take a toll

Burn every last living soul

Pop a grin

Twist your chin

Snap your own spine and then

Kill the children

Kill their mothers

Kill their dads and kill their brothers

Let them die

They all lied

There wont be many others

Only pure

Only true

Only those close to you

Wash your hands

They’re now stained

Eternal life never gained

Close your eyes

Swallow tight

You’ve become the monster in the night

Welcome to the living nightmare.

Published by E. Lexi Abbott

A free spirit and a wild soul. I am a writer who is seeking the inspiration found in the crannies and nooks of life. My goal is to combine the world in my head with the world around me one page at a time.

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