Image source: http://cops.usdoj.gov/html/dispatch/10-2013/images/dv.jpg

Sit down
Shut up
Don’t ever bring it up
Shut up
Sit down
Keep it all underground
No one cares
It’s your fault
You’re the one who got caught
It doesn’t matter
It’s over now
Watch for others on the prowl
You’re a girl
It was his right
What he did with you that night
Be careful
Don’t do it again
Make sure you are there for your friends
Remember always
I’m here for you
I’ll be there to pick up the pieces…
Unless of course it’s that thing…
In which you need to sit down
Shut up
Don’t ever ever bring it up
You’re a lucky one
You’re not diseased
No child did you bear
Now won’t you please
Shut your mouth
In this house
On what this is all about
It doesn’t matter you said “no”
It was all up to him
Don’t you know??