I am a different soul

a silent observer.

I hear the creatures that go unseen

and while I know the world is ugly

I still manage to find beauty in everything.

The dragons of my dreams visit me in the day

and whisper of worlds unknown.

And while I enjoy the life I have

I want to create one of my very own.

I pretend I can pause time and alter fate.

I feel dragon scale armor plates

and while I know life is terrible

to me anything can be beautiful.

To me life is in a wolf’s howl

sometimes we play sometimes we growl

and while deep inside I can see others woe

I will never tell the world “I told you so.”

In my mind I’m the warrior of the weak

helping others to catch the dreams they couldn’t reach

I hope everything I dream for the world can come true.

I hope you know I’m here for you.