Wild Woman

wild women dancing

image source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/bc/d7/ab/bcd7ab428fd5b67ed69344d15eba2396.jpg


She was a woman of the wild

endeavors of the heart

not knowing when it would end

or when it would start


she was viewed with speculation

and suspicion as well

that she was only on the world to manipulate

and put men under a spell


she laughed with her body

and felt with her mind

she could sing a musical trance

that seemed to turn back time


she befriended all

that she came to know

she found she could easily turn

friend from foe


they say the most wild creature of all is woman

and that a man must be there to tame

what they don’t understand is the bad omens

of playing that dangerous game


for why would you tame something wild

and take away the fire

because then you’re left with only something nice

but devoid of all passion and desire


it is the wild in Woman

that truly stirs the hearts of men

because it is only the Love of a woman

that can truly change them in the end.


Published by E. Lexi Abbott

A free spirit and a wild soul. I am a writer who is seeking the inspiration found in the crannies and nooks of life. My goal is to combine the world in my head with the world around me one page at a time.

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