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As my candle burns
I watch it slowly melt
It warms the skin nearest
A warmth I’ve rarely felt

I watch as the wax slowly
drips down the side
My wish is only
that I could understand why

This warmth is only seen in a candle
or inside a fire at night
what happened to the warmth of our hearts
that filled the world with light?

What happened to the family
that we once knew?
What happened to the child
inside me and you?

This world has darkness in it
and as you grow it closes in
accumulating the weight
of our darkest sins

So together let’s take hands
and be there for one another
Stop calling each other friends
call each other sister and brother

Because we only live so long
and then we all must die
So don’t take life so seriously
It’s not like you’ll get out alive.

Bring warmth to the world once more.