Marshmallows, who could have known?


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She sipped on her hot chocolate, her eyes staring into the nothingness that were her thoughts. The local coffee shop had that quiet hum of people speaking softly to eachother, happy to be inside with the warmth and delicious smells rather than outside in the snow. The giant glass pane window let in the sunlight as lazy snowflakes kissed against the glass. It was tranquil. It was calm. It was boring.
She huffed a little as she watched the steam rise from her cup, the last few remaining marshmallows floating delicately in the smooth chocolate drink. She smirked a little to herself, daydreaming that they were enjoying a day at marshmallow beach, where the waves are made of hot chocolate and they enjoy a nice quiet dip.
The twinkle of the bell broke through the quiet hum as another customer came into the door, the happy hum continued, unaware and yet welcoming to the newcomer of the coffee shop.
She glanced up from her marshmallow people and hot chocolate beach and blinked the daydream away, looking to see who else had entered. She loved watching the interactions of others. When she did though her breath caught in her throat and she jerked a little, the hot chocolate drowning the little marshmallow people in her sudden movement.
The boy who was standing there was the most gorgeous human being she had ever seen. He was tall, about 6’4” and he was lean but muscular. He had black hair that hung almost completely straight down to his shoulder blades. She watched as he glanced around the room and noticed that he had the most wonderfully colored eyes, light blue…like cracking ice. He caught notice of her staring and she froze in her tracks, normally she was very nonchalant and was able to go back to whatever she was doing. But not this time, this time she was awkwardly frozen there staring at him, hoping with all she was that her mouth was not hanging open. She couldn’t feel herself, she was unaware of where she was in time and space. All she could do was stare into those ice blue eyes in wonder.
The man tilted his head to the side and gave her a lopsided smirk that showed his left canine tooth. She practically swooned as she stared at him but then her brain finally caught up with her. The ease at which he did this made it clear he was used to girls staring and he was rather flattered by it. Seeing this change in his demeanor only served to snap her out of her trance the rest of the way, men who thought too highly of themselves made her want to get as far away from them as possible. It was just the thing she needed to snap out of her embarrassing lock on him. She turned away and focused again on her cup of hot chocolate, wondering in an almost overwhelming sadness where her little marshmallow people had gone off too. She stared intently into her hot cocoa trying to find them so she could go back to her daydream.
-She is so beautiful…- he thought as he stared at her, locked onto his gaze. –How can I let her know this without her feeling too awkward? I know! A smile! – He tilted his head, shyly trying to hide behind his hair and managed an awkward smile at her that was showing way too many teeth on one side of his mouth and almost completely closed on the other. To his horror her expression changed almost immediately and she huffily turned away from him, her head slumped down as she concentrated on the cup in front of her. He was taken aback at how quickly she had changed her demeanor. Did he do something wrong? He brought his arm across his middle and reached his other hand up to brush some of his hair out of his face, shifting his weight to stand mostly on one foot almost completely curling into himself as much as he could while still standing straight up. Maybe he had smiled wrong…? He hesitantly walked the rest of the way into the shop, their actions gone unnoticed by the happy customers.
He mused over the menu, unhappy with the selection, until he noticed they had hot chocolate. He perked up and ordered himself some, gazing happily at the little floating marshmallows. Making sure to step carefully over the many feet of the customers, he made his way to the back of the coffee shop and sat down. But when he looked up he saw he had accidentally sat at the booth directly across from the girl. She glanced up at him and he froze for a second before trying, again, to smile. He felt his smile going back into that awkward half grin and panicked inside for a moment.
She gave up on trying to find her marshmallow people, it was obvious that they were gone for good. What a tragic thing to be lost to the waves of hot cocoa beach. She took a sip and noticed some movement out of the corner of her eye, she glanced up from her cup and saw that he had, had the audacity to sit directly in front of her. They locked eyes and this time she kept her breath going just fine as she hardened against him. He returned that same smile and she felt herself begin freezing again. He was so mesmerizing she couldn’t help but smile back a little this time.
-Hey! She smiled back! – His brain screamed. He glanced down into his hot cocoa and then to hers and noticed she was without marshmallows. Without thinking completely through his actions he stood and moved over a seat so he was sitting next to her, scooping some of his marshmallows out with his spoon and placing them into her hot cocoa. Her head snapped up at him, shock filling her eyes.
“S-sorry…I just noticed you were out of marshmallows so I thought I’d share…” he explained quietly, wanting to hide behind his hair from her but yet was frozen as he gazed into her eyes. Such beautiful hazel eyes. They reminded him of a forest.
As she was staring into her hot cocoa, suddenly her marshmallow people were back. But how? She jerked her head up in surprise to find the man sitting next to her, withdrawing his hand from her cup and setting down the spoon that had transported the little people back to her beach. He apologized to her, and her heart again stopped. He was…shy? Maybe he’s not as full of himself as she thought.
“That’s okay. Thankyou for returning the people to their beach.” She said. She then cringed, had she really just said that!?
He looked at her in confusion but then smiled again as he understood what she was saying.
“I always like to pretend mine is a little ice rink with the whipped cream on top.”
They slowly opened up to each other and began chatting freely and happily. They learned more about eachother and soon were in a relationship, five years later they would marry and five more after that they would have two beautiful children. Who would have known that marshmallows would bring together these two soulmates? Marshmallows, who could have known?


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A free spirit and a wild soul. I am a writer who is seeking the inspiration found in the crannies and nooks of life. My goal is to combine the world in my head with the world around me one page at a time.

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