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Feel the acid drip
—————————upon your brain
begin to——trip
————————–as you become sane
other peoples feelings
———————————–hit your gut hard

you can feel
——————-what they’re thinking
——————————————————-and sometimes
——————————————————————————–it leaves you scarred
so take my hand
————————————hold on tight
the feeling of pressure
———————————–keeps—–you—–from flight
reminding you to keep
————————————your feet on the ground
to keep your head
—————————–from spinning around
the images float
snakes begin to uncoil
————————————from the cores of your hair
——————-and acid drips
you start to———trip
———————————as you begin to feel sane
you don’t——like——–the feeling
——————your world is your home
———————————————————and it’s never good
—————————————————————————————when you’re suddenly alone
the voices gone until your once again made crazy