Image source: https://lovinglifeonearth.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/woman-in-forest-with-white-dress.jpg


They say your body and mind are a temple

That you should keep covered and untouched

And if you were to be human

Then you’re no longer good enough

They say to treat your body like a place of worship

Hold it in the highest regard

Keep the temple doors closed

Until your husband comes calling from afar

But I say screw all that

My body and mind are a forest, spectacular and vivid

Every bit of experience gives me life

Whether it makes me happy or livid

A temple can be destroyed

Desecrated beyond repair

A forest can only grow back stronger

With strong tree trunks and vines to hold ensnared

Your heart and your mind

In your own form of hug as you repair

Because you cannot go through life as a human

Without becoming a mess

No matter how hard you guard your temple

You’ll still end up undressed

Undressed from the mind down

Undressed from your soul

Undressed as you grow in wisdom

And as you grow old

Undressed in every sense of the word

And hurt many a time as well.

So, my body and mind are a forest

Ever-growing, alive and well.

For the temple may be destroyed

But the forest will continue to dwell.