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What do you do

When your demons are chasing you down

And you’re pumping your legs

But you’re barely gaining ground?


What do you do

When you’ve reached the end

The wall is a thousand feet high

And they’ve got you locked in?


What do you do

When you’re on the train

But it’s going nowhere

driving in circles and driving you insane?


What do you do?

What do you do?


Well I’ll tell you what you do

You just give up

You turn to your demons

And hand them the cup


Ask them if it’s half full or half empty

And if it’s out of luck

Watch the looks on their face

As their brains turn to muck


You learn to snuggle with your demons

And you learn to play cards

You make travelling plans together

Whether you’re going near or far


And you learn to fight sometimes

But otherwise just snuggle.

It’s a whole new world

When your demons learn to cuddle