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What is Peace that we should strive our whole lives to find it but never succeed?


Always catching the tail-end of Peace in moments of solitude

or early morning light


What is Peace that we should always talk about it like it’s too good to exist?


And yet we idolize it so high up in our hearts and minds

That we fashion our whole lives around the thought                                                                     of obtaining it


What is Peace?

Is it a piece of land?

Pieces of hearts?

Peace of mind?

What is Peace?

Are we born with it already in our soul

only to have it leaked out slowly day by day

until we grow old?


Or is Peace attainable?

Something that we must find in our lives like the treasure                                                          under the x that marks the spot on the map we have been                                                          slowly and carefully constructing since we were born.


Is Peace worth it?

Is it worth your weight and the weight of so many other countless lives on the soul of humanity itself?


Is Peace a trinket bought on a vacation left to collect dust on a shelf?


Can it be found in pieces of others we meet throughout our lives

Like items found in a crazed scavenger hunt that lasts a                                                             lifetime?


Do you have to tear yourself open as if you were some deformed butterfly that had to cut out your own wings to spread them and fly to peace?


What is peace?