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Late last night
I dropped my cup on the ground
A thousand shattered pieces
Scattered all around
And even though I could’ve immediately
Cleaned it right up
I took a few seconds
To examine the cup
It wasn’t half full or half empty
Or even resembling of itself
So how do we know
It was just a cup and nothing else?
Because among the pieces
And the dust covering the floor
When I really looked hard
I saw something more
I saw what our lives are like
When we take a fall
And we’re not like Humpty Dumpty
Who couldn’t be put back together at all
We always pick up all the pieces
We have to we must
We always clean out our own souls
And sweep out all the dust
Then by some miracle they all get glued back
Making a disjointed and cracked shape
Showing the things we lack
But it’s an organic thing
That can heal through time
Some put the pain into music
Others put the pain into rhyme.
So next time you feel like that cup that I dropped
Remember to pick your pieces back up and dust yourself off
You’re not like Humpty Dumpty
Fragile and forever unable to mend
You’re a human who grows with time
And with time you will mend.