There’s a lot of people out there
That are going nowhere fast
They open up their mouths
And put themselves on blast
They bend themselves into shapes they don’t fit
To try to fit in
Bending and breaking
Themselves and their kin
They try to be the ‘cool kid’
And make people laugh
Dancing up on stage in a one-man act
With a notebook to their chest
And a song within their heart
They feel lost in the world
Where do they even start?
Some have the talent but don’t become big
Some don’t have the talent but they’re fat as a pig
Off the sensations in the world we live
They find the latest trends then get active
Shoving pieces in a blender and toting a miracle drink
They say it’ll cure your depression and your tendency to overthink
There’s a lot of people out there getting nowhere fast
Just shouting to the gate keepers, “Please let me pass!”
So take those skills you’ve learned
And put them to use
Shut your mouth and stay down
But don’t take abuse
Double triple fact check everything you say
Remember to hide your skeletons in a closet far away.
Because to make it in this world you have to have a shining skull
Glowing like a beacon beckoning to all
The other lost souls who are just as lost as you
But you pretend like you know what you’re doing
So you’ve developed a knowing hue.
But if you keep grinding then you’ll make it one day
Because the world likes effort
It means you want to stay.
Make yourself relevant
And share with people what’s in your mind
being original is how you stand the test of time
and you’re the only one who can say what you do
The way you say it can only come from you
You’re an individual just like everyone else
But you don’t tell spices there’s too many kinds sitting on the shelf.
Bring your own flavor to the world.