(Attempt at writing Gothic poetry for a poetry contest at my school!)

In a graveyard filled with mirth and boon
Three young witches danced underneath Full Moon
The gravestones reflected a shimmering light
A fire broke the dead darkness of night
“For love!” One cackled
“For laughter!” Another cried
“For understanding” another said with tears in her eyes
As they added to the cauldron of bubbling brew
-not quite a potion and not quite stew-
Frogs legs, spider eyes, and bat wings as well
A plethora of flora scattered around with a yell
“They’ll never find us, that I know for sure!”
As they continued to knock upon demons door
The ravens had alighted with voices so sore
From screaming to the heavens tales that would be heard nevermore
And who are these witches in the graveyard you ask
Well if I were to tell you I don’t think you’d be to task
For they’re not witches at all but daughters instead
Of All Hallows Eve forgotten in society’s tread
They sing for the Old Ones
And the Dark Ones as well
They sing for the crumbling churches where you could tell
There once was life within the great halls
Life long lost to death’s calls
In a graveyard filled with boon and mirth
Three young witches chant for a worlds rebirth.