I go through phases
like the omnipresent Moon
sometimes I’m full of energy
and sometimes it’s too soon
sometimes I’m in a craze
to get myself back on track
other times I hide away
from the light as it attacks
but just like the moon
I am always whole
no matter what phase I’m in
and no matter how very tall
I stand up on my tip-toes
to reach towards the sky
sometimes bathing others with my light
sometimes simply sneaking by
Full Moon is energy
brilliant and full of mirth
New Moon is resting
a downward spiral rebirth

I go through seasons
like the wild heart of the Wolf
silently tracking down the beasts
that run on clopping hooves
sometimes the beasts nourish me
as I conquer them while filled with pride
sometimes the beasts have forked tongue
and eyes with fire inside
but my howl is deep
and my legs are strong
able to travel far and long
from that which I hold dear
following the seasons throughout the year

I am like the Wolf
and I am like the Moon
together they create
a creature of whom
is wild in nature
and curious at heart
a lover of the light
and able to see in the dark

so as the seasons pass
and my energy waxes and wanes
I’ll know how to pass
all of Life’s little games

I am the Wolf and Moon.

Image source:Facebook feed