15,000 leagues
under the sea
I lost track of light a long time ago
and now I can only see
by the glowing lights
of the angler fish
a scary little beast
that’s usually missed
the seaweed’s been woven
into my blankets at home
a bed made of fire coral
a cave where I’m alone
the sea vents have long
been directed to my house
warming my spirit
chasing the fish out
I came here a long time ago
under the ‘guise
of having concrete boots
left slowly to die
but my feet turned to a fin
and I started to swim
and here is where I’ve hidden
away from the likes of him
now the salt has filled my lungs
and my voice can only work in highest pitch
I sing songs of my sorrow
out there in the mist.
it’s a long swim up there
to the surface of this
but it feels good sometimes
to leave behind
this deep black abyss.
my name is mermaid
and here I hide
on a bed of fire coral
with sorrow in my eyes
the concrete was heavy
but my spirit has been lifted since
now I sing out my heart
I sing from my innocence.
the water quietly clapping after every performance.

Image source: fineartamerica.com