my ability to overthink
is subpar to none
I can create a second war
when the first one is already won
my ability to let the train
inside my head go unchecked
is the same with my ability
to become a nervous wreck
they will multiply
ten thousand times to one
each one turned slightly different
once an angle is checked
another one
will present itself to be discovered
analyzed like the rest
people on a trip call it the time blade
I call it every experience remembered’s test
as writer this makes my craft
easier to perfect
as every moment I experience
I will experience a thousand times yet
some say I think too much
that my head is in the clouds
that’s the beauty of overthinking
you’re never part of the crowd.
my ability to overthink
is subpar to none
some call it anxiety
the curse of a “kind one”.
and while it definitely can be a curse
it can be a gift as well.
a present
an ability
a trait that time will tell
there’s a million ways to view the world
why pick just one?