single bursts of Energy
are what make the world go round
a single burst of Energy could
create another life or begin to build another town
a single burst of Energy
could lay your enemies to rest
could clean up the living room
could clock a time that’s your best
single bursts of Energy
encapsulated in motivation thoughts
the prize worth the demise
of all the stored Energy we’ve got
a single burst of Energy
could last moments or could last years
it all depends on what to you is a single burst of Energy
as defined by your gears
each ray of the Sun is a burst of Energy
as is each turn of the Earth
and each time a car engine starts
or when an animal gives birth
they’re all single bursts of Energy
some are supernovas
from a dying star
while others are pond ripples
gently carrying themselves far
Rome wasn’t built in a weekend
or even in a day
but burst after burst of Energy
brought forth a city built to stay

Image source:…/2155867-bizarre-supernova-m…/