something inside me
thinks I’m Alice
with want to roam wonderland’s woods
not it’s palace
growing and shrinking
until I’m finally the right size
to meet my mouse friends
to reach to the sky
“she’s not the right Alice”
they whisper behind my back
“but she’s enough Alice”
they hold back their attack
“she’s not the same Alice”
they finally conclude
“she’s a new Alice”
as they offer me food
because here I am in Wonderland
I don’t know where else I belong
constantly writing down rhymes
and singing little songs
wanting to paint
the world the color blue
wanting to twist
reality a bit too
so, I might not be Alice the original
or Alice the small
Alice the sane
or Alice at all
but as Wonderland gets to know me
I’m sure it’ll fall in love
because I believe in unlimited impossible things
I believe in Love

Image source: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/03/alice-in-wonderlands-influence-on-video-games/473082/