I am like the ocean
my presence comes in waves
I might be gone tomorrow
but I’m talking to you today

I am like the rain
endlessly falling towards the ground
when I try to show my love
I tend to make you drown

I am like the snow
floating through the winter air
each new moment me and myself
are difficult to compare

I am like the ice
preserving the ancient past
refracting a new light
on each moment that will last

I am like the river
ever steady in my goals
ever turbulent ever calm
ever changing direction in my soul

I am like the pond
a hidden ecosystem lives inside
the surface may be calm
but beneath is a world waiting to be eyed
I am like the water
I often can give life
the catalyst of those with unclosed wounds
I tend to cauterize with ice

I am like the water cycle
I come in many forms
my life always changing me always forcing me
to never be the norm

Image source: http://janice-choo.blogspot.com/2010/09/water-candle.html