Hello everyone,

I am very excited today because I have just ordered a portable printer. “Why have you done this?” you may be wondering. I have ordered a portable printer because I am going to start doing what I do best and sell poems on the spot.

I am picturing being a street performer, like a caricaturist but with poetry instead of drawings, and setting up a little station so that I can make up poems about clients on the spot, print out the poem, and then hand the poem to the client and let them be on their way.

Through further research, this is called popup poetry, improv poetry, or being a street poet. Here is an article written (and the source of the picture included with this post) about a group of improv poets in 2016:

Poets with typewriters hit the street

Sounds fun, right?! Stay tuned to follow me on this adventure!

Travelling poet! Will write for money!

– #AlexisEAbbottPoems