promise jars

romanticism will fantasize
about promises instead of lies
but what’s a promise except an empty word
later to either be filled or to be burned
like setting out little mason jars
with labels on the top
“fill full with pixie dust”
doesn’t mean a pixie will want to stop
and give of herself for a strange
label on a jar
a pixie’s life has a certain range
and from it she never strays too far
and it’s not just pixie’s but people too
running about their own lives so in lieu
of setting out empty jars
why not fill them with your own stars
talk is cheap and so are words
but a picture speaks one thousand
times more than that word “promise”
it’s just a random thing that’s crowding
around the things we want to do
want to see with all of you
so romanticism will fantasize
about all the futures that will surprise
those who fill their jars of pretty lies
no longer empty but building to the skies
a staircase of deeds to walk upon
a solid footing for someone
no more promises
no more accidental lies
just full mason jars that will help
us walk steadily towards the skies

– #AlexisEAbbottPoems

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