into the forest I go
to lose my mind and find my soul
into the forest I go
to fulfill prophecies long foretold
into the forest I go
to see if what glitters is truly gold
into the forest I go
please don’t call me back from tales of old

being a crazy wild woman
is easier than it seems
my blood is made of rivers
trees grow along my seams

a haphazard stitched together
crazy wild mess
with my hair long and tangled
and rips throughout my dress

it gets easier to traverse
the thick forests of my mind
when you throw the map away
and leave society behind

because there’s much more in these woods
than mere fairytales and lakes
there’s hares there’s bears
and there’s even a few snakes

but if you don’t let them get the best of you
then you can get the best of them
it’s best to strip all your clothes off
if you want to go for a nice swim

because being vulnerable is natural
life is not all sleek
its full of hidden castles
and hidden adventures that you can seek

so off into the forest
I do go with a hopeful heart
I lose my mind within the light
I find my soul within the dark

because dragonflies and fireflies
are not one in the same
it takes flight it takes might
to play all the little games

to play hopscotch with the frogs
and buzz around with the bees
to prance with the deer
and to crawl like a porcupine on my knees

my mind is lost in the daytime
my marbles are all scattered
but when the sun goes down and the fire is lit
is when life does truly matter

fireflies aren’t on fire
we know this but what we see
are personified sparks flying
through the night time air like a lease

for the freedom to fly
around the campfire at night
telling stories with the shadows
and roasting fish on spikes

I’m a crazy wild woman
with my hair in a tangled mess
with bruises on my legs
and with cuts throughout my dress

being alive isn’t completely pretty
but it is liberating and so
in order to lose my mind and find my spirit
into the forest I will go

into the forest I go
to lose my mind and find my soul

– #AlexisEAbbottPoems


Above image source: https://sofiasundari.com/the-wild-woman-who-is-she/