circle circle
round and round
what goes up
must come down
raise your standards
break your crown
be the change
you’d like around
even out
your own life now

dance in the rain
walk away from the crowd
try a new lifestyle
a new dream now
because life goes in circles
round and round

become a filter
and sift through
the toxicity coming back
first sent out by you
begin another cycle
a healthier brew
elevate your life
morph into a new you

circle circle
round and round
you’ve seen these patterns before
you’ve walked this ground
you’ve worn this face
and danced this dance
so let go this time
fall into a trance

see the things
that are hidden there
underneath the ice
in the suns glare
stare at your reflection
and pull back your hair
don’t touch the surface
or the mirror will disappear

you’re not staring at yourself
but the current version of you
yourself hidden under your skins hue
trace the differences
find the new
path you should take to continue

circle circle
round and round
raise your standards
but break your crown
even out
your own life now
ever changing ever filtering
the bad stuff out


– #AlexisEAbbottPoems

image source: PixCove