I hear the birds chirping
with the new morning light
and something inside me
says “it’ll be alright”
I’m here with my computer
in my room alone
typing away
at a brand new poem

I hear the birds chirping
at six am
I’ve been up since two
feeling the mayhem
of a dark starry night
the promise of a new day
and now that it’s coming
I feel alive and awake

I’ve got my coffee
in my pumpkin owl mug
with the internet open
and my blog pulled up

I’ve got a candle burning
along some white sage
watching the smoke
helps me drift away

I’m dreaming of tomorrow
and anxiously waiting the day
I can get in my truck
and drive far away

living a free spirit life
making money on the fly
writing impromptu poetry
short stories and why

should we be bound by this idea
that the day should be nine to five?
why not get up at two am
and watch as the sky
slowly changes colors
and takes its first breath

of this new morning
awakening the next
generation of living things
as they welcome a new day

I’m alive
I’m well
and I can’t wait to be spirited away

– #AlexisEAbbottPoems

image source: ubudsunrisetrekking.com