I am filled with resfeber
now and forever
because no longer do obstacles stand in my way

I am graduated from college
armed with skills and with knowledge
and in my current situation I can’t bring myself to stay

today’s society
is filled with toxicity
and the only way to draw the poison back out

is to get on the road
either with friends or alone
and find the places that make your soul dance and shout

I am filled with resfeber
and I can go further
than I ever did inside one of my books

because this is all real
I can touch and I can feel
everything from the open spaces to the nooks

but I do not quaver
even filled with resfeber
because inside myself I know I hold fast

my mind and legs are strong
and I can go on
without regrets and without having to look back

– #AlexisEAbbottPoems

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