a precious possession
goes without mention
it is shown
with the most careful intention
kept up high
where no one can touch
or kept in a box
collecting dust
left to age
and meant to gauge
other precious possessions
worth the stage
but a precious possession
is a useless trinket
always so valued that no one could think it
might simply be a waste of space
a precious possession in the right place
honored and revered through time
but what good is it to be honored if your life doesn’t rhyme
with meaning
or fulfillment
or purpose other than
simply being set to rot on a stand
a precious possession worth more to man
than nonprecious possessions that help them to demand
to live by giving the means to sow
their crops and their lives and help them to know
what it is to live another day
and yet here this precious possession will stay
we place worth in the weirdest way
what is a precious possession
but a waste of space?