Inspired by all the Area 51 posts that are flooding my Facebook timeline recently.


the world is moving
I know you can feel it too
the world is stirring
we just need a few
a few more tragedies
a few more wars
a few more discomforting knocks on the door
the door of our collective mind
telling us what’s wrong
it’s time to smell the smoke
and sound the alarm
it’s time to wake up
and move en masse
it’s time to take up arms
and call for the attack
the world is moving
evolution is on the rise
the world is moving
the old world is standing aside
the world is moving
its stirring in its sleep
the world is starting to wake up
and the old ways we cannot keep
the old ways I am speaking of
are not respect or understanding
the new ways incorporate
these fundamental standings
the new ways just take the energy of the new world and then
together we evolve not just one man and his kin
the world is moving
together we are one
the world is moving
its time for evolution everyone

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