I’m a modern day hippie

I laugh and dance in the rain

I’m a modern day hippie

people call me insane

I’m a modern day hippie

I wear a tye dye dress

I’m a modern day hippie

I don’t aim to impress

I like my colorful glasses

and my long flowy clothes

I like my close toed sandals

and my pants with all the holes

I’m happiest with paint on my elbows

and sun kisses on my skin

sitting by the window

inviting all the morning light in

I’m a modern day hippie

I dream of living in a tree

having lots of animal companions

and having very simple needs

I’m a modern day hippie

I want to travel on a whim

writing about my life

and hoping it lets me swim

I’m a modern day hippie

but I’m not a hippie at all

I’m just a free spirit

who doesn’t believe in walls

I’m a modern day hippie

and this I know is true

this free spirit is contagious

it’ll over empower you

it’ll infect your body

it’ll infect your soul

it’ll make you dance and sing

until you’re once again whole

it’ll make you lose your marbles

it’ll make your unicorns take flight

it’ll entrance you off your rocker

in the middle of the night

so don’t fight the crazy bug

just join hands with me

let’s build a fire

let’s go climb a tree

let’s take out all our djembe drums

and play to our hearts content

the only way you know you had a good day

is when you fall down completely spent

I’m a modern day hippie

I like to feel freedom and not refrain

from my hearts true drum beat

I’m so glad I went insane


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