This poem is dedicated to those that struggle with alcohol. I do not personally have an alcohol issue, but I have known people that have and who have conquered. I could not be more proud of them and their accomplishments. 




daylight is coming again

and this bottle of whiskey

is my only friend

these dips in my brain

always tend

to leave me alone

no hand to lend

the night is so calm

like a blanket it covers

all of the things I’ve hidden

from my mother’s

discerning eyes

can’t conceptualize

how I ended up

not able to stay dry

and now daylight is coming again

I wish it would never come

I wish this would end

I wish I could stay in this inky black

with the room spinning

balance I lack

because I’ve long been dancing

my feet are sore

from how many times

I’ve stomped down the floor

the fire water burns

and I hope I can get even

I hope it’s hot enough

to chase away my demons

I feel much smarter

when my walls are down

when my tongue doesn’t float

and rather in alcohol drowns

but skin is soft

and my mouth is raw

another few sips

and it’s blood that I’ll draw

is it from biting my lip?

or holding my tongue?

or is it just dissolved

in another cold one?

I can see the moon dipping

my eyes blinking fast

here comes the sunrise

the night never lasts

daylight is coming again

alcohol is no longer my only friend

sober up and reach out

admit my mistakes

try it again

do what it takes

daylight is coming again


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