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Good morning everyone,

Writing Tutor:

Today I wanted to put a notice out to those who view my blog, I am an experienced writing tutor with four semesters of college experience as a Writing Center tutor and two semesters college experience as a Writing Fellow tutor.

I recommend getting set up now before the school semester gets into full swing as not only will session slots fill up fast but the student should start strong with good support and the tools to succeed. They should not wait until they’re struggling to then seek support later when they’re already behind.



Above image: Reviews that I have gotten from students I tutored at the University of North Georgia (UNG).


My experience: 

Though my experience is with students ages 18-50+, I have the ability and skills to work with students of all grade-levels. I tailor each session around the student and both what they want to work on as well as what they need to work on (these are not generally the same thing). I employ a mixture of the Socratic method and colorful metaphors to help students both learn writing concepts at a new angle as well as learn to question and think for themselves when it comes to writing.

My tutoring style aims to help the student grow not only as a writer but as a critical thinker as well so that they will not need a tutor in the future and will be confident within themselves of their own ability to tackle assignments.


My rate:

I charge $25/half hour session and I can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or on an as-needed basis.


You can contact me by e-mailing any questions, wants, or concerns to elexiabbott@gmail.com with the subject line reading: Tutoring – [student grade and name]. If you would like my phone number please e-mail asking for it and I will gladly provide it.


For those in and around Forsyth County:

I will meet the student either in their home, my home, or somewhere local.


For those of you who are not:

I can work in video chat via Skype or we can set something up over the phone. How this would work is the student would send me their paper/prompt/outline via e-mail along with any initial questions and then I would call or videochat with the student to then discuss their initial concerns and work from there.


Whatever works best for you! Meeting times and dates can be discussed via e-mail or phone. 😀

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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