Last weekend on Friday (Nov 15) and Saturday (Nov 16) I participated in my first ever market/convention/vendor opportunity at the Holiday Market in Jasper!!


Let me tell you, for a first time I think I nailed it as a vendor. My booth consisted of two tables, one long fold out table and a square fold out card table. On the long table (as seen above) I displayed one each of my current books for sale on Amazon as well as a sign explaining how much they cost and some cards for people to take so they could get in contact with me. On the card table I had my portable printer and laptop and a sign introducing myself and on-the-spot poems for $10 each!

Set up was a success! There were a few bumps such as when I accidentally plugged my computer into a non-working outlet at home to charge over Friday night. But the booth next to me was very generous and shared their wall plug-in with me to charge it up.

Throughout the market I was privileged to write 11 custom on-the-spot poems and the recipients absolutely loved them! I was also privileged to sell two of my books :). The whole market was a success not just because I was able to make money but because of the valuable things I learned and the connections I was able to make with my work.

I am filled with so much happiness that my writing can bring happiness to others and I am so excited that it appears I can build a real career out of my writing.

I am looking forward to the next market and am searching for new ones I can sign up for. (So if any of my readers knows of a market in search of a poet/writing vendor PLEASE send me a message!) I am pumped for the next one!!

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