quarantine is a word

that humans just don’t seem to understand

it means staying put in one place

with no more movement over the land


it does not mean drive to the park

or to a friend’s house to play a game

it does not mean if you don’t go to the store you’ll starve

that kind of fear mongering is just lame


this new world is a concept

people often only see in movies on the screen

they don’t understand it applies to THEM

this new word “quarantine”


so stay home and wash your hands

leave the extra rolls of toilet paper on the shelf

learn from YouTube how to bake some bread

find a new reliance on yourself.


immunocompromised means YOU TOO

have to stay inside

or at least away from social play

there’s no excuse not to exercise


guidelines given by the CDC

this disease is now world-wide

if we don’t try our best to beat out the test

and all just go inside


then we’ll fail as a species and compromise

many more lives than we need

don’t lose your mind but don’t ignore the truth

keep your head and take good heed.


quarantine is a word

most people don’t quite understand

this isn’t a vacation it’s the fucking apocalypse

please just try to understand


do your part, wash your hands

  • Alexis E Abbott



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