Open House at Lilly Creek Farm

This past Sunday I was invited to attend an open house at Lilly Creek Farm to meet with couples who will be having their wedding soon! I was among several other vendors and was more than happy to hand out flyers and information!

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Lilly Creek Farm

Lilly Creek Farm

Lilly Creek Farm Events is a wonderful place with a beautiful barn, a lovely arch area, and plenty of room for whatever kind of wedding your heart desires! See their website at! They have openings starting in 2023 for weddings so if you like what you see, book TODAY!

Open House

The open house itself was EXPERTLY rendered. Maria, the site owner, had tables inside the barn with specific places for each vendor to go. The barn itself was decorated beautifully and it was very easy to envision the beautiful ceremonies that could be and are held there.

The vendors themselves were absolutely fantastic! Everyone was SO nice and willing to help and talk! It was an absolute joy for me to attend and I couldn’t be more grateful! I even got some of the business cards of other vendors such as venues, officiants, dj’s, and more! Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see what services they have to offer!


If you didn’t know, I offer vow writing services! A lot of couples have trouble putting their feelings into words and writing them down, especially with the knowledge that their family and friends will be hearing them read these words out loud! That’s where I come in!

I will work with you (and your spouse too!) to unlock your words and put them down on paper! As I’ve said with my poems, “Your Heart, My Words!”

Depending on the package, I will even practice with you multiple times leading up to the big day and, if you want, will even accompany you on your big day to practice one more time to be able to deliver the vows as perfect as you have them in your head!


I was also offering custom poems! As you know, I write custom poems by taking information, from individuals and couples, and creating a one-of-a-kind custom written work!

Another service I offer is custom on-the-spot poems by the hour! I will bring a table and printer and I will create poems for you and your guests at your event, wedding or otherwise, on the spot!

Other Vendors

Here is a list of some of the other vendors I was able to get in contact with! Each and every one of them are absolutely amazing individuals that will make your wedding day the fairytale you’ve always dreamed of!

Venue: Ivy and Oak

Phone: (404)554-7465

Email: Lacey(a)


Lacey is a delightful and positive individual who knows just how to make brides and grooms feel at ease on their big day! Her lovely venue at Ivy and Oak have openings THIS YEAR 2022! Their venue is located in Talking Rock, Ga at 70 Antioch Church Rd!

Officiant: Forever Love Wedding Ministries

Phone: (678)983-6730

Email: mfv117(a)

Michael Volk is absolutely fantastic! He knows just what to say and when to say it! He is a favorite at Lilly Creek Farm and has a special way he performs his ceremonies that make them last in your memory, and your guests’ memories, FOREVER!

He works often with DJ Keaton and the two of them know just how to create a seamless experience!

Photography: Michelle Lacson

phone: (661)547-6112

email: michellelacsonphotography(a)

IG: @michellelacsonphotography


A wonderfully sweet individual who specializes in Disney themed weddings! She had up an adorable and perfectly rendered photo of a couple on a carousel! She brings such a joyful feeling to any event and will be sure to bring forth your best smiles for your pictures!

Photographer: Seeing Southern Photography

Phone: (770)365-1358

Email: seeingsouthernphotography(a)


This woman knows how to bring the southern charm to your wedding! Her photos embody the romantic side of the South that we all know and love!

Horse-drawn Carriage: Highlander Carriage Services

Phone: (706)219-0235

Email: liveoutloud0207(a)

Facebook: Highlander Carriage Services

Susie and Ed Allen are a couple with a love for simple and true and are an absolutely joy to talk with. They run Highlander Carriage Services wherein your princess dreams can come true! Straight out of the Christmas song we all know and love, these pony/Clydesdale hybrids are sleek, beautiful, well tempered, and have the perfect amount of feathering around their hooves to make the day as magical as can be!

Entertainment: Jay Mathis

Phone: (678)650-0917

Email: jaymathisent(a)

Facebook: Jay Mathis Entertainment

This man is a jack of all trades! He does music, photography, even graphic t-shirts and he is an absolute joy to talk to. He will hype you up like nobody’s business and knows how to conduct himself as a professional. He will help make your wedding or other event absolutely fantastic!

DJ: BeLive

Phone: (770)533-0541



Keaton is a fantastic person, able to blend in perfectly like a chameleon with whatever kind of wedding or event you have, he knows how to keep the beats pumping and the people dancing and having a wonderful time!

He works often with Officiant Michael Volk and the two of them know just how to create a seamless experience!


Thank you, as always, for reading! I hope you were able to get some new information and see someone you might like to hire for YOUR wedding or event! As always feel free to reach out and Send Me A Letter if you’d like a custom made poem, tutoring, editing, or even help with writing your vows!

Have a fantastic day! Keep learning!

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