Mother’s Day at 3 Oaks Farm!

Hello and good morning! Happy Saturday to you and yours! Today finds me, bright and early, at the lovely event venue of 3 Oaks Farm!

Those who follow my posts know that I attended a FANTASTIC open house here a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be invited back!

So, here I am! Set up with my Tire Tales books, poetry chapbooks, custom poem flyers, and wedding service flyers! I am so happy to be here and be enjoying such a lovely day surrounded by such wonderfully creative people!

Before I dive into the post, please check out the services I offer on my Services page and know that you can get in touch with me by Sending A Letter (AKA emailing me via contact form)! I look forward to working with you!

At the end of this article, I will have a list of each vendor here as well as a picture of their booth and business card and how you can reach them! These are some AMAZING people so be sure to check them out!

The Venue

If you have never heard of 3 Oaks Farm, you are missing out! Located directly off Hurt Bridge Road at 3565 Tallant Drive Cumming, Ga – this venue is absolutely amazing with a wonderfully friendly staff that want to make your event the most perfect version it can be!

Below are some images I took today while on the property! There’s just something about this place that makes the light JUST RIGHT. These photos are completely unedited! Wouldn’t YOU look good here with your future spouse? Standing side-by-side as you promise your lives to one another? I think so!

The Event

This Friday-Saturday (May 6th and 7th) marked the very first Mother’s Day event here at 3 Oaks Farm! Vendors of all talents came and set up with their best gear to give the mother’s out there something special for Mother’s Day (May 8th).

Marsha Gravitt, the runner of the event, was there for her vendors with any need that may arise! The wind proved a challenge on Friday evening but a nice cool start with the promise of a warm Saturday brought the light!

I was here with my custom poetry, poetry chapbooks, and Tire Tales series ready and waiting to write on-the-spot poems for event attendees!

I was even lucky enough to get to attend alongside my mother, who runs her own t-shirt quilting business called Material Memories (find her website here).

The event was the first of (hopefully) many more like it to come to the Gravitt Farm!

The People

As usual, the vendors will be grouped in like categories. First will be food, then candles/soap, then small business, and last, but not least, crafting/artists!

Food Vendors

ResQue Rubs

ResQue Rubs are a husband and wife team that make delicious rubs for cooking of all kinds! Being foodies themselves, they are very knowledgeable and informative about the different ways customers can use their delicious spice mixes to bring a little taste into their lives! As if their product didn’t speak for itself, they also donate a portion of all proceeds to Fur Kids! Find them at!

Kandie’s Korn

Kandie’s Korn is owned by Kandice, a lovely woman with a knack for making popcorn cool again! Her fantastic caramel corn is the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy! Find her at!


Solstice Naturals

Marisa Bello is the owner and candle maker of Solstice Naturals! She makes everything out of beautiful beeswax and even brought blocks to display! Her candles are hand poured and smell great with a long burn time and no yucky residue. This kind and lovely woman is showing the world what she, and the bees, can do! Find her at!

Southern E-Scentuals

Southern E-Scentuals is a small business that sells soy wax candle, artisan soap, and bath bombs – to name a few – owned and run by a calm and engaging woman! The motto on the website is: Welcome to Southern E-Scentuals-Wholesale where southern luxury is our specialty and providing great customer service is our priority. Come and see what southern luxury is all about as you explore our scent collections. You can find her on Etsy!


Hannah Willis is the happy mom that runs this booth! She works as an independent consultant with Scentsy and her products WORK! 3 cubes of wax, gently melted in their wax warmers, gave the whole barn a lovely fruity smell that kept spirits high and the energy bumping! Even her business cards feature a lovely scent that they sell! You can find her at!

Home Decor/Gifts

Wilson Home Decor

Wilson Home Décor is a home décor and gift shop that sells all sorts of cute items! The lovely lady running the booth was as sweet as could be and the items that she chose to bring were perfect for the festival occasion! Find the shop at!

Love Well – Tee Shirt Company

“Love Well” is a motto that we should all strive to follow! The Love Well Tee Shirt Company brought a LOVELY collection of tee shirts, all within the same theme of loving well and everything to do with it! Come show the world your happy-go-lucky spirit and buy one of these shirts TODAY! Find them at!

Bohemian Soul – Boutique

Bohemian Soul Boutique is a collection of whimsical and fun things! From t-shirts to bracelets, she has the knick knack for YOU! Find this lovely wife and mother on Facebook!


By Lara Treasures

Remember the feeling you had as a kid when you saw all the beautiful beads in the jewelry store? This beautiful artist’s work will bring that feeling back ten-fold! She makes lovely bracelets, phone holders, and even rosaries to enjoy with themes perfect for all occasions! Find her on Instagram and Etsy at bylaratreasures!

Origami Owl

Origami Owl specializes in jewelry and living lockets! Living lockets are cute glass lockets wherein you choose a handful of mini tokens to put inside them, much like a snow globe! These tokens can represent graduation, love, someone’s personality, and more! The sky is the limit! Find her at!


Material Memories

Material Memories is a one-woman company owned and operated by Nancy Abbott! She takes your old t-shirts and turns them into a cozy quilt to enjoy for years to come! She makes every size from King to Throw and has two main designs she works with to display your material memories the best! Find her at her website or on Facebook!

Rustic Gifts

Rustic Gifts is owned and operated by an amazing woman of science! She hand paints each card and sign and they turn out absolutely amazing! Her products are the perfect handmade gift Diana Davern can be found through her website at!

Dj Designs

Dj Designs is a sign and bow business with Danna Snyder at the helm! Her handiwork is one-of-a-kind and is absolutely gorgeous! As her card states, she loves custom orders! Find her on Facebook!

Fragile Magic Designs

If you’re looking for some unique wall-art then come on down to Fragile Magic Designs! Her ethereal artwork will look perfect over YOUR fireplace! She sells Christmas themed art as well as flowers, gnomes, and more! Contact her via her phone number (404)-213-4666 TODAY!

Beeloved Art

An artist with plenty of passion and with southern charm in her every brushstroke, Brittany Reeves sells ornaments, cards, custom portraits, and more! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

Pink Daisy Designs

Melissa Flynn is the woman behind the scenes at Pink Daisy Designs! She makes signs and jewelry among other wonderful things! Her attention to detail is apparent in her craft and her artwork would make a lovely addition to any home! Find her on Facebook and Etsy!

Maggie’s Chic Designs

Last, but certainly not least, Maggie of Maggie’s Chic Designs makes the absolute CUTEST tumblers and earrings! Her style is clean, cute, and heartwarming and she is a wonderful woman as well! Find her at!


At the end of the day, it was a wonderful time meeting and networking with other vendors! The raw talent that was here was off the charts and every single lady and businessowner was as wonderful as the last! Please use this list as a reference when looking for a small business to support! All of their products are top quality and unique!

Have a wonderful day, thank you so much for reading! As always, stay learning and write your story One Page At A Time…!


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