Tie The Knot at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

Last week Sunday (15 May 2022) I had the outstanding privilege to be invited to Ivy and Oak’s first ever open house! I got to enjoy a spot on their beautiful patio behind the wedding barn and introduce future brides, grooms, and their families to my vow writing services and poems!

As with the other open houses I have had the joy of attending, I will be talking about the venue, the event itself, and end with a list of the other vendors who attended!

The Venue

Found in the hills of Jasper (GA), this lovely little wedding venue is directly off Antioch Church Rd and nestled between HWY 515 and Route 136! The venue itself is very compact but very beautiful! The barn and bride’s house is immediately within view and once your foot hits their grass, you’re in paradise!

Wedding Barn

The wedding barn is an intimate and spectacular area with a patio directly off the back and a separate room for a bar/drink area. The barn is painted white and has very high ceilings and a beautiful interior. The light coming into the barn from the large windows and open doors make for magical photography moments.

There is a seating area directly outside the barn for couples to get married outside with the barn as a shady and timeless backdrop for the photo memories of your first kiss as a married couple!

Bridal House

Another amazing feature of this lovely little venue was the bridal house! Inside were areas specifically designated for the bride and her wedding party to get ready before the wedding. The atmosphere was so calm and lovely and would be sure to steady a nervous bride’s nerves before the biggest moment of her life!

The Open House

The open house itself was an absolutely wonderful time. The vendors who attended were so friendly and excited about their respective businesses and uplifted one another throughout the whole event!

I had such a wonderful time interacting with the other vendors and sharing what we do and why we love it so much. Not to mention, the event runners are absolutely fantastic people and made sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone had a good time!

The event attendees were also super sweet, and I could tell they were having a great time hanging out. The venue feels so CALM, I cannot express how relaxed this place makes you feel. It is perfect!

E. Lexi Abbott – Vendor Set Up

My area consisted of a table on the patio. I was given 4 chairs and was instructed to set up my booth facing outwards so that event attendees could walk around the circle and meet all the vendors one by one!


As far as weddings are concerned, I offer vow writing services as well as custom poems to capture your big day! If you’re interested, please message me and I will be happy to work with you!

Wedding Service Professionals

At this event there were professionals to fill every single need you might have for your perfect wedding day! Bakers, flowers, saving those flowers, finding the dress, vows (E. Lexi Abbott!), hair, candles, and even fireworks and signage! So many professionals brought their personal flare to this event! Find out more about them and what they do below!


Southern Sage Jewelry

This lovely lady takes the flowers from your special day and saves them forever! Her products include shadowboxes and resin coasters, earrings, candleholders, and SO MUCH more! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram

Brenda’s House of Flowers

A florist with an eye for detail and a mind for style, this lovely lady will be sure that you have the perfect flowers for your wedding day! Check them out at their website!


Dainty Dozens

Dainty Dozens cakes, cupcakes, and sweets booth at the open house!

Dalaziah AKA Dee is an absolutely fantastic and bubbly personality! Her mini cupcakes will have you coming back for more and her wedding cakes are out of this world! This woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to taste! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram and find her website here!

Sisterly Sweets

Sisterly Sweets is a family business run by 3 sisters! Tabetha is the baker behind the delicacies, and she has an eye for creativity and flavors! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Larev Baking Co.

Larev Baking Co. is a home-based custom cake company located in Canton, Georgia. They specialize in wedding and special occasion cakes! They are a super sweet family, and their baking is divine! Check them out at their website!

AV Gourmet Fine Catering

Alexis Valentine is the chef of AV Gourmet Fine Catering and he is a fantastic cook! One look at their page will have you drooling! This catering company knows how to make your event taste as good as it looks! Check out the official website here!


Anna Christine Bridal

Every bride has to say Yes to the dress before her big day, but many find that process daunting and more than a little emotional! Ease the emotional burden by checking out Anna Christine Bridal! She is a lovely and supportive woman who has beautiful dresses in inclusive sizes! Unlock your inner goddess and say YES to Anna Christine Bridal! Find her on Facebook and Instagram!


Lei B. Photography and Boudoir

The booth set up for Lei B. Photography along with Lei B. herself!

This lovely woman not only takes beautiful photos for your big day or special occasion, she makes you feel good while doing it!! A wonderful photographer with a passion for boudior, a session with her will boost your confidence and leave you with lovely pictures to enjoy for years to come! Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website!

Kanella Photography

The booth set up for Kanella Photography along with Kanella herself!

This soon to be mother knows the importance of capturing special moments! Her photos capture the brightness that life has to offer and her easygoing personality will calm your nerves when prepping for your big day! Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and at her official website!


The Plaid Picnic Company

The vendor booth set up for The Plaid Picnic Company

Sometimes the best memories are made with the simplest of ideas! Plan a picnic event for your bridal shower, wedding photoshoot, or other special occasion! Ella, the sweet woman who runs this company, is a creative and lighthearted soul who loves helping her client’s make memories that will last forever! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

Chandler Candles LLC

Chandler Candles LLC at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

Candles light up the room, the world, and your life if you pick the right ones! Chandler Candles LLC look to make your fairy tale dreams a reality with their stylish and wonderful smelling candles! You can even customize your candle holders and cases to fit your business or event! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Bride Lights

The booth set up for Bride Lights at Ivy and Oak Wedding Venue!

What’s life without fireworks? Bride Lights offers fireworks and signage services! Light up your event and end it with a BOOM! You can find out more information by checking them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Hair By Anna Claire

The vendor booth set up of Hair By Anna Claire

This lovely lady helps tame your hair, and therefore your stress as well, on your big day! Book her for beautiful bridal and brides maids looks as well as for other special occasions! Find her on Facebook and Instagram!


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