Atlanta Grill Company Event

This past Saturday, a friend and I had the distinct pleasure of coming across the Atlanta Grill Company Fire Show 2022! Outside the store located in Roswell (GA), there were pop up tents with companies of all kinds, both big and small, giving free samples in order to promote their products!

Fire Show 2022

Walking over from the TESLA dealership, we walked up the hill towards the store…and towards the yummy smells!

Past a stationed cop car were over a dozen different vendors, some with their own tents and some underneath a giant tent that was erected in front of the store! Here’s a couple of the vendors that we met:

Zeke’s BBQ

Zeke owner of Zeke's B-B-Que
Zeke, owner of Zeke’s B-b-que!

Zeke is the owner and creator of Zeke’s B-B-Que!

Inspired by “well over 100 years” of family tradition, Zeke has spent his whole life trying to master his family’s sauce recipe.

After trying for YEARS and hosting family BBQ’s, he finally not only got the knack for his family legacy, but added a few tweaks of his own, also!

He officially launched in 2013 after competing professionally at the Kansas City Barbecue Society circuit, also in 2013!

Now, he caters to family’s in the Metro Atlanta area and, let me tell you, his special recipe tastes amazing!

Business card of Zeke's B-B-Que
Zeke’s B-B-Que business card!

He had some dry rub chicken wings and drums with a bottle of his sauce for people who wanted to try that as well! It is zingy, full bodied, and absolutely delicious!

His catchphrase is “Creating ZADDICTS Everywhere, One Happy Belly At A Time!”

Myron Mixon

Myron Mixon of the Fire Show 2022
Myron Mixon and his sauce!

Across from Zeke, with a giant banner up and a custom apron, was Myron Mixon and a team of cooking fanatics! He was selling his sauce and giving samples of delicious BBQ to eat it with!

As it says on his website, he is the acclaimed, “Winningest Man In BBQ!”

He has been on cooking shows as both a competitor and judge, hosts classes, sells products, and has his delicious line of BBQ sauces ready to go for whatever your cooking needs may be!

Unicoi Preserves

Clark Neal part of husband-wife team at Unicoi Preserves, LLC
Clark Neal of Unicoi Preserves!

A husband and wife team, Suzy and Clark Neal are the minds behind the machine at Unicoi Preserves,LLC! Surrounded by the Chattahoochee National Forest, they fell in love with nature and wanted to can the feeling they got from being surrounded by it…so they did!

They make original recipe gourmet fruit spreads, inspired by their love of food and wine! I personally tried some of their cherry jalapeno jam with some cream cheese, smoked by Clark himself, and with some of Lane’s Sweet Heat rub sprinkled on top! It was a fantastic burst of flavor! This fantastic partnership truly succeeded in their mission to create a tasty, organic product sourced from local farmers!

Lane’s BBQ

Ryan Lane owner of Lane's BBQ
Ryan Lane of Lane’s BBQ!

Lane’s BBQ began in 2013 when Ryan Lane, the owner and creator of the business, started to sell his BBQ off the pit at a roadside produce stand!

Lane’s BBQ catered for a few years before jumping into the creation game and cooking up some of their very own seasonings and sauces! Now, they are worldwide and are included in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK!

Their mission is to encourage fun and socialization around the table, bringing people together with delicious food and experiences!

Bear and Burton’s W Sauce

Bear and Burton's W Sauce at Fire Show 2022
Bear and Burton’s W Sauce!

Bear and Burton’s W Sauce is a whole new take on Worcestershire sauce! Not only is it easier to pronounce, but it adds a whole new dimension of flavor to an age-old recipe!

Another family legacy turned small business, Burton’s mother got the original recipe from “Nana”, her mom! Burton’s childhood was filled with occasional trips to the supermarket to buy pounds and pounds of onions, vinegars, spices, and other ingredients in order to make huge batches of the sauce at one time!

This lovely sauce would permeate the air and anything around it, so the windows always had to be wide open to help reduce the impact! But, boy, did it smell good! So good, in fact, that Burton’s close friend, Bear, tried it and loved it so much he brought it home to his wife, Jenn! They loved it so much that Bear insisted they bottle it…and so Bear and Burton’s W Sauce was born!

The product officially launched in late 2021 and is already making tracks!

PK Grills

PK Grills market team at the Fire Show 2022
PK Grill team

This team’s story is quite interesting! Originating in Tyler (TX), the PK grill was a huge hit but then quickly went out of fashion. That was until 45 years later when it was discovered again in Little Rock (AR) at a garage sale by Paul James, a local attorney. He fell in such love with it that he began to mass produce the grill again!

Fire & Smoke rubs and marketing stickers from PK Grills team!
Fire and Smoke BBQ rubs

Now, this team partners with the Fire and Smoke Society to promote their products while using the PK grills at BBQ cooking competitions across the country!

Their products and cooking method create absolutely delicious steaks, burgers, chicken, and anything else you can throw on a grill! So the next time you’re wanting to try a new grill…keep an eye out for the PK Grill!

All’s Well That Grills Well!

In conclusion, the event was an amazing success for the Atlanta Grill Company and was a ton of fun to attend! The food was delicious, the vendors were extraordinarily wonderful, their stories were interesting and inspiring, and the event was an absolute joy to stumble upon! Next year, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the Fire Show at the Atlanta Grill Company in Roswell (GA)!


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