Hold Your Wedding at Lilly Creek Farm!

Yesterday, I had the absolute privilege to be invited to attend a wedding at Lilly Creek Farm in order to create a special surprise for the now newly wedded couple and, boy, was it an absolute blast!

This venue has it ALL for a luxurious and yet beautifully simple barn wedding from the barn itself to the many opportune places for photos to a special spot near the lake to say those famous words, “I Do!”

This article will be highlighting this beautiful venue and wonderful team as well as some favorite ideas of mine that were implemented in the wedding yesterday evening!

Book a tour TODAY as they schedule their events way in advance!

Bridal party and bouquets


Lilly Creek venue

When you drive onto the property, you are greeted by a gravel road. As you progress, there is a fenced in parking area immediately to your right with plenty of space for family and friends alike!

After parking, it’s just a short walk (1-3 minutes depending on your pace) to the barn and wedding area!

A happily married couple outside of the barn at Lilly Creek

There is also a small area for parking for those who are unable to make the walk to the barn from the parking area.

The Barn

Immediately visible as you walk up the short gravel way is the barn. This lovely white barn stands tall against the beautiful blue skies of Lilly Creek Farm and sports a chalk board with the last name of the couple to be wed on it.

First dance in the barn!

Inside the barn you are greeted by tall ceilings with white draping swaths of fabric coming from the rafters. Those beautiful touches along with a candle planter above where you first walk in and the other side of the barn and rustic chandeliers make for a simply gorgeous setting!

Table set up inside of the barn.

Tables can be arranged however you want inside of the barn for guests to enjoy seating. The beautiful wedding I got to attend had round tables planted around the main area of the barn and rectangle tables fashioned into a U-shape by the far end of the barn for the wedding party to sit with a space left between them and their guests for dancing the night away!

Directly to the left and right when you first walk in are two lovely little spaces. The one to the left was used for catering and the one to the right was used for the cake and for the DJ to set up.

Further down the barn there are two rooms along the side.

Bridal suite at Lilly Creek Farm
Groom’s Suite at Lilly Creek Farm!

Bridal Suite

The room to the left is the Bridal Suite and had plenty of space for relaxing and plenty of areas for make-up and hair. The room allows in tons of natural light and is a lovely place for the bride and her bridal party.

Groom’s Suite

The room to the right is the Groom’s Suite and has a tv, a big card table in the middle, plenty of snacks and drinks, and is a very relaxing environment to calm the nerves of the groom.

On the right of the barn there is a concrete patio with a bar area, some cornhole bags to throw, and a seating area complete with available firepits.

A celebratory toast!

The patio is the perfect place for guests to hang out while waiting for the ceremony to start, before dinner, and during the reception. It exudes a calming atmosphere and invites guests to lounge and talk and laugh and have a great time!


A couple share a kiss by the lake.

Did I mention that Lilly Creek Farm is a BEAUTIFUL place?

A bride in the forest surrounded by wildflowers

They have tall fields, forests, a lake front, and plenty of other little areas to take the most spectacular day of photos imaginable! These photos include beautiful lighting and a sense of wonder that make the bride and groom stand out more than ever.

A groom kisses his bride in the field at Lilly Creek Farm!

The comforting surroundings make it easy to relax and have just as much fun taking the pictures as it looks like you did in the pictures afterwards! Those smiles aren’t forced, they’re real!

Lakeside Ceremony

There are plenty of places that boast a lakeside ceremony, but is it comfortable? Is it easy to set up at? Is it the perfect place to forget the stress of the day and enjoy the moment right then and there when you promise yourself to the one you love forever? At Lilly Creek Farm that’s EXACTLY what they offer!

Lakeside wedding ceremony stage.

Directly in front of the barn and across the walkway there is a beautiful deck built on the side of the lake with a roof for shade. Behind where the bride and groom stand there is a fountain placed further back in the lake to make for a beautiful backdrop that, before now, you could only dream of.

The guests are seated on the grass on both sides of the walkway and there are permanent canopies placed above them to help protect guests from the sun and light rain.

Night time wedding ceremony.

During the ceremony, the wedding party will walk out through the large, now open, barn doors and make their way down the walkway and up on the platform in front of their guests. It is a beautiful time and the decoration possibilities are endless! You can truly make your ceremony your own!

PLEASE NOTE: A wedding ceremony could also be held in the barn or really wherever you want! The lakeside ceremony platform is just used very commonly! 🙂


A beautiful venue is only as effective as the team that works behind the scenes and let me tell you, the team at Lilly Creek Farm is spectacular! Their communication and flow in working together is unmatched and they pay attention to every little detail to ensure that your ceremony will be the best that it could possibly be!

Shelby, the current coordinator, ran around like MAD making sure that every little thing was perfect from the catering area, to the cake, to the seating, to releasing the guests for food, to the ceremony and organizing and directing the wedding party, to the reception and making sure that the drinks, lights, place settings, parking, and everything in-between was in perfect harmony. She definitely knew what she was doing and with her on your side, you know everything will be alright!

Behind Shelby was the rest of the staff. As mentioned before, their ability to communicate and run everything seamlessly was a wonder to watch!

Maria – Owner of Lilly Creek Farm

Maria, the site owner, even made an appearance to ensure that the wedding was running the way it should be. She is a supportive and calming presence who knows when to step in and when to let her staff do what they do best! She checked in with everyone from the DJ to the photographer to the staff running the event and was seen often near Shelby to lend a hand.


The day itself was an absolute joy, but this post isn’t about that wedding specifically. This post was to highlight how lovely, gorgeous, calming, and spectacular this venue is and I’m pretty sure I proved it!

Lilly Creek Farm books far in advance so be sure to make an appointment to tour the venue TODAY and see for yourself what a spectacular place this is for YOUR wedding!

Thank you, Maria, for the invite and thank you Lilly Creek Farm staff and coordinators for your hard work and dedication!

Until next time, stay learning, stay exploring, and have a wonderful day!


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